Hatsune Miku – Hanairogoromo – 1/8 scale by Stronger

Long time no post (again!).
Hopefully I’ll make up for the break with this post.

And so, today’s topic will be one of the most awaited figures of the past year -Hanairogoromo Miku! ANIPLEX announced this figure long ago and it was instantly certain, that it’ll be one of the most popular releases of 2016, despite the fact of being exclusive, hard to get and all that means expensive! The prototype was very promising and the painted figure made great impression on the collectors.

This time however, ANIPLEX thought about the common collectors, who don’t have much experience with using proxies (which is usually the only way to get an exclusive figure). This beautiful figure was made available to collectors outside of Japan through AmiAmi! The price wasn’t so bad either (considering current figure prices) – 12800 yen incl. tax. Fortunately the box fits in small packet, so the delivery price was also OK (I paid 2430yen for registered air mail). Of course customs fees added to the overall cost, so in the end I spent exactly 700 PLN on her, whis is about 20 000 yen (half of my monthly salary xD). And so she’s the most expensive figure I ever got >< Was she worth it? Let’s see!

Let’s start with the box.


There’s a little too much happening on the box imo, but it’s not annoying either. COuld be better, but it’s just a box so who cares! The contents are what matters!


The background is beautiful too! The same motif was printed on the base.


These flowers are the weakest point of the whole conception. They look unnatural and a little cheap.

When I wanted to attach Miku to the base, I thought I would cry! I couldn’t shove in the peg. The openings in Miku’s shoe and foot, where the peg should fit, were misplaced by 1 or 1,5mm and so I couldn’t get the peg go through both holes. Since the figure was so expensive, I didn’t want to break her, but I didn’t have much choice. While holding the shoe still, I had to push the foot a little until the peg went through. It took me a while and was really nerve-racking, but fortunately nothing bad happened and Miku is standing stable on her base.




Let’s see some details of the kimono before attaching the umbrela. The kimono is the best part, it’s really beautiful and I love the colours and the crane motif used.

Unfortunately there are some painting issues 😦 Actually two, maybe they’re not visible at the first glance, but if you spend so much money you expect the best quality. Especially if the thing is supposed to be an exclusive collectors item.


Otherwise the paint job is clean and very impressive.


Ok, let’s move to the umbrella. It looks really nice and it’s a perfect addition to the figure.

There’s no particular way to attach it, it’s just leaning on her shoulder, but it’s quite stable.



So, was she worth the money? Well, if not for the customs… All in all yes. Despite the small painting issues, she’s really beautiful. It’s not surprising thet ANIPLEX announced the whole series, 2 of which are to be released soon (Kaito and Meiko), 1 available for pre-order (Luka) and the other 2 already announcer (Rin and Len). I decided to pre-order Luka and maybe I’ll get Rin too, but I’ll pass on the other 3 for now, since they’re just too expensive. The whole Vocaloid team will look stunning for sure though.

Hope you enjoyed this review!




Racing Miku 2010 1/8 scale

Hello again in the new year!

Today I want to review a part of my last loot. It’ll be one of many Racing Mikus – the 2010 very first version by Good Smile Company.


She was on my wishlist for quite a long time. I think the design is still pretty  fresh. First of all the colour palette is different than usual. Most Mikus are so…blue. I like blue, but too much is too much 😛 Than my figure taste changed and I didn’t like this Miku so much anymore.  But  I saw her at a nice price a few months ago and I decided to give it a try and see what the real thing looks like.

And so a few weeks later  Miku arrived.
I really like the box. The paper has nice feeling to it.


The base is quite simple. I think GSC wanted to make it look like asphalt. We also get some other parts like cable, cable ending, spanner and an impact wrench.


Putting the impact wrench in Miku’s hand was quite hard. I was afraid it would break, but I somehow did it. The real mistery was the place for the spanner. I couldn’t find any so I checked the box and the photos on myfigurecollection and finally noticed it. Unfortunately the spanner doesn’t fit well and that’s the best I could do with it:


My Miku came with a little paint chip on her thumb, but it’s hardly noticable.



She looks really nice from all sides. The sculpt is great, I love all the details. The paint job and the shading are almost perfect. That’s GSC for you. The hair colour changes a little on the ponytails.



Walking in such boots would hurt so much…




This Miku looks really nice and is a nice variation of all Mikus. The price is tempting too so it’s also a good choice when it comes to your savings 🙂 I like her the most from all Racing versions. I think everyone will be pleased with her.

Happy New Year!




Hatsune Miku – Senbonzakura ver. nendoroid #480

Senbonzakura yoru ni magire…

I’m sure everyone heard this song in his head immediately 😉
Today we’ll look at one of the Miku nendoroids, which is the Senbonzakura version.


Since I’m not very enthusiastic about all the Miku figures, at first I wasn’t interested in this nendo. But after giving it some thought and seeing the pictures of a painted prototype I just couldn’t resist and pre-ordered her. I love the “Senbonzakura” song so this Miku was very tempting.

And so in may I got my order!


Her box is really nice, I love cherry flowers ^^


Aside from standard base set we get: 2 expressions, hat, bicycle, some arm parts and legs, bicycle stand and…no idea what it is, a stick with something pink on it 😀

Hello Miku!


She’s really lovely. The design, colours, painting, accessories – everything! Almost all parts fitperfectly.The only problem  is to get Miku sit on the bike correctly. The ponytails are movable.


It’s difficult to put both hands on the handlebars, it’s possible though, you only have to try a few times.

Some details


There’s a magnet keeping the hat from falling.




The painting is not perfect, but there are only little mistakes so it’s not a big deal. Especially since there’s lots of small details. Miku’s eyes are so beautiful! The shades give them some depth.

Are you hesitating? No need, just get her arleady! This is a cute nendo with nice accessories and many ways to pose. I’m sure you won’t get bored with this Miku so easily.


Hatsune Miku figure ranking

Another post today!

Just for fun I wanted to make my very own ranking of Hatsune Miku figures.
Of course I don’t own most of them so I’m basing my opinion on general rating, the manufacturer and of course on the look.
And of course this is a completely subjective ranking, so you can not agree with it 🙂

First of all I’m not a vocaloid fan. I’m also not a fan of Miku herself, but if there are soooo many figures of a character, there must be some that you’ll like. And of course there are quite many since Miku is one of mostly used characters for figures.

1#  Hatsune Miku – Love is War ver. DX by Good Smile Company


The most stunning figure I’ve ever seen and the most wanted piece on my wishlist. Unfortunately the most unaffordable one too. Aftermarket price: around 45 000 yen (without megaphones from 13k). She was released in 2012 so in the year I was only considering starting figure collecting. The price of 13 333 yen was high for that time, but now it would come as pretty cheap since the base itself is definitely an amazing piece of plastic. Nowadays paying that much for a figure is nothing unusual and you wouldn’t get a GSC figure this size (28cm) and with base like that for less than 18 000 yen, I’m sure of it. This version looks stunning. The pose is dynamic, the painting is more than awesome and another thing is, that it was made according to Miwa Shirow’s illustration. Since I love this illustrator and mangaka, all figures based on his projects catch my eye immediately and land on my wishlist.

2# Hatsune Miku – World is Mine brown frame ver. by Good Smile Company


Another figure with a creative project and lovely base, and again the maker is GSC. That seductive look makes you addicted on the spot.  Aftermarket price: from 8000 yen if you’re lucky so not that bad since the manufacturers price was 8381 yen.The frame base is a great idea, it’s definitely unusual and stands out of other figures. The inside looks like a soft fabric and gives even more charm to the figure.

3# 7th Dragon 2020 – Hatsune Miku – Type 2020 by Max Factory


Let’s change the manufacturer to Max Factory now. Another Miku based on Miwa Shirow’s illustration whose style is very easy to recognise here. This figure is slightly bigger since it’s 1/7 scale (24,5cm). The colours are lovely matched, I like the windblown pose and the shading looks brilliant too. Aftermarket price: ~7000-10000 yen. I’m definitely getting her sometime soon, the only problem is lack of free space to display her ><

4# Hatsune Miku –  mebae ver. by Max Factory


This is the latest Miku figure announced by this manufacturer. The figure is definitely eccentric so not everyone might like it. She’s currently up for pre-orders. Manufacturers price: 18 333 yen. Yes, the price hurts. It only shows how much the prices of figures have gone up since a few years ago. This is another 1/7 scale and it’s 22,5cm tall. Lately there seem to be more 1/7 and bigger scales. Well, bigger figures are definitely nicer, just take more space 😉 Hopefully she’ll be on sale after the release. What I love most is her face and hair. The sculpt looks great and we can expect MF to make it even better in the end. I think it would be better if the base was simple like in the pictures, because it might have been too overwhelming. I hope the hair won’t be too fragile, because many buyers could get her destroyed in the sipping…

5# Hatsune Miku – VN02 by Max Factory


Another Miku by Max Factory. A cyber world Miku 🙂 This is a 1/8 scale, but thanks to the base it measures 27cm so it’s quite big. Aftermarket price: ~7000-8000 yen. I like this sharp green colours and her hair. Her pose is very dynamic and sculpt looks great!

6# Hatsune Miku – Shinkai Shoujo ver. by Good Smile Company


And here we’ve got a sea Miku, which looks like she really was under the water! Beautiful, delicate and with lovely base. She’s 1/8 scale too, but as she is in sitting pose she measures 16cm. Aftermarket price: ~22 000 yen (craaaazy).

7# Hatsune Miku – Rabbit Yukine – Magical Snow 2014 ver. by Good Smile Company


The cutest Miku ever! Yes, we all who thought it was expensive and didn’t order it from GSC shop were wrong and are now regretting not buying her. This nendoroid comes with so many accessories and is up til now so popular, that the price of 4286 yen seems funny now. Aftermarket price: from 6000 yen :”D Now I know it’s better to pre-order exclusives, because their price will be unreasonable after the release. Even if you pay a little more for the EMS shipping and custom fees, it will still be cheaper than getting the figure later.

8# Hatsune Miku – Senbonzakura ver. by Good Smile Company


Again a nendoroid. I own this one and I think it’s lovely! I like the design and the colours, especially her eyes look nice. There are many accessories, she is very posable and well made. Aftermarket price: from 4000 yen.

9# Hatsune Miku – Harvest Moon ver. by Good Smile Company


Another exclusive from GSC and another regret for me, since I didn’t buy her. The reason was too pricey orders in the release month of this one, so unfortunately I couldn’t afford getting her ;( I’m sure I won’t get her anymore, since I expect the aftermarket price to be much over 5000 yen.

10# Hatsune Miku – mikumix Shuukan Hajimete no Miku Hatsune by Good Smile Company


The simpliest design with the funniest faces. This nendo is just so funny I couldn’t give up placing her on this list. Aftermarket price: ~3000 yen.

Thanks for reading!