Wonfes 2017 Summer

Hello there!

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to post more reviews, but I’ll try to get to it soon.

For now some of Wonfes ups and downs for me!

Twice a year every figure collector holds his breath and awaints the newest announcements. One of these days has come today.

I must say, that there aren’t many announcements this time that made me really excited. But there are figures that took me by surprise and figures that completely destroyed my hopes.

I’m not surprised that this Wonfes is too dominated by Fate series. GSC, MF, ALter and more announced tons of Fate figures. Other than that there’s a lot of KanColle (again), Saekano, tons of new Mikus and of course Touken Ranbu. Fortunately the companies didn’t forget about less popular series.

As every top list you can find on this blog this one is also a subjective choice of mine.

Let’s start with the very end of my tops

11# Odin Sphere – Mercedes (Phat! Company)

I just love these Phat’s parforms. They are so cute I can’t say no to them!


10# Oikawa Tooru Unifor Ver. nendoroid

Tooru-chan striking again!


9# Slayers -Lina nendoroid

Finally some love to one of my beloved childhood series!


8# Nier Automata – YorHa (Square Enix/Flare)

Finally SE lets someone else make their figures. Flare is a great choice here!


7# D.Gray-Man – Kanda Yuu (Aniplex)

Another Aniplex exclusive coming! They really know how to get my money.


6# Fate/Grand Order – Ishtar (Aniplex)

And again exclusive. Announced some time ago and finally with a prototype! I know I won’t get her, additional costs like shipping and customs would make me a beggar. Still she looks amazing!


5# Kakegurui – Jabami Yumeko (Kotobukiya)

An amazing looking prototype. I got hooked on the anime, it’s really exciting (a bit strange though) so I’m happy to see a fabolous Yumeko so soon.


4# Fate/Grand Order – Lancer (Orange Rouge)

Finally a proper scale of the second best servant ever ❤


#3 Odin Sphere – Gwendolyn (aquamarine)

The best Gwen so far. The pose is just awesome, so dynamic! Can’t wait to see the painted prototype. Do your best Aquamarine!


#2 Fate/Stay Night – Matou Sakura (Aniplex)

Please Aniplex stop…you just know that I love kimonos, don’t you?


1# Fate/Grand Order – Gilgamesh (Myethos)

Ok, Myethos wins the whole show. The most  exciting piece of this Wonfes’!
Myethos is a chinese company, so most of their products aren’t on the MFC database, but they are a really fascinating company. Their projects are really creative and the quality is also very good. I think you could compare them with Kotobukiya. Anyways, just take my money Myethos!


But unfortunately there are some complete failures too. Actually I think this is the first time ever I felt so dissappointed with Wonfes’ announcements

A super Sexy Gilgamesh, that was announced last year I suppose, finally gets a paited prototype! Just take my mo….Uhm…..what the hell is this?!


And a figure that I got just too excited about and that is the biggest let down ever.

I love Code Geass and C.C. is my holy waifu, so I was really happy about getting a proper figure with some lovely pose from the anime…Well, MegaHouse crushed all my hopes. I know that boobs sell the best, but making a character look secy at a push is just not my taste. MH tends to do that too often lately. Just a big NO!


In the end there’s nothing too unexpected about this WF edition. But out of all the figures announced I was able to find the ones I really love. Fortunately not too many, my wallet is still safe!

Hope you also found some exciting figures this time!



Wonder Festival 2016 Summer – top announcements

We’ve already got some news from Wonder Festival summer edition!

You can check out what’s known up til now here.

Today I want to make a short summary of what I’m expecting the most from new announcements and from updates of figures announced previously.

Let’s begin with new figures!

  1. A bunch of Haikyuu!! nendoroids (Iwa-chan among them!)


  2. Spice and Wolf – Holo (nendoroid)An amazing announcement. You may laugh, but this one nendoroid made this Wonfes the best ever for me! Hopefully GSC will release her quickly!


  3. Play Arts Kai Sephiroth (Square Enix)I love Final Fantasy so much! I felt they would finaly make Sphiroth too because of the announced remake. I guess fans already predicted his release, but SE kept us unsure up til now.


  4.  Full Metal Alchemist Edward Erlic and Roy Mustang ARTFX J (Kotobukiya)Something that completely surprised me. I’m overjoyed! FMA is one of my first mangas/anime and I still love it. It’s been so long, but we’ll finally get proper figures. Instant pre-order!


  5. Persona 3 & Perosna 5 Shujinkou figmas (Max Factory)


  6. Fate/Grand Order Saber (Good Smile Company)This time there were so many Fate/GO figures announced! I’m glad we got something more than 100000th Saber. Ok this one is Saber too, but completely different and so mesmerizing!
  7. Lots of other Fate/GO figures!What I like the most is that most characters come as different figure types; nendoroids, figmas, scales. Some figures were announced by more than one manufacturer [Assassin(Ques Q and MF), Jeanne (MF, Flare, Alter) etc.). You can choose the one you like the most. This will definitely help if you don’t want to spend too much money.


  8. 7th Dragon III – Mage (Max Factory)
  9. Amanchu! – Kohinata Hikari (Aquamarine)High hopes for nendoroids from this series. I love the atmosphere and the derpy faces in the series!
  10. Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir – Gwendolyn (Flare)
  11. Kabaneri of the iron fortress – Mumei figures (GSC, MF)We get Mumei in 3 forms: nendoroid, figma and scale. I prefer nendo or figma, because I don’t like Mumei’s scale cheerful expression. It doesn’t suit her fighting pose (which is kinda strange too).

All right, I think that’s it for me. Let’s move on to updatet prototypes.

  1. Ononoki Yotsugi (Good Smile Company)The painted prototype looks so good (and so expensive…). I know I need her, I know…
  2. Saber – Haregi ver. (Aniplex)I’m just speechless. This figure is stunning! She’s another Aniplex exlusive so it’ll be hard to get her without a proxy. And I’m sure the aftermarket price will be…way too high.
  3. Meiko & Kaito – Hanairogoromo ver. (Aniplex)I’m a bit dissapointed with Meiko. I don’t like the cherry branch at all. I thought I’d get her to accompany Miku, but I’m hesitant right now. Both will be available through AmiAmi!
  4. 7th Dragon III: Samurai (Max Factory)The face looks…weird. But it’s MF so I’m rather calm about the final product.
  5. Arpeggio of Blue Steel figmas


  6. Odin Sphere and Oboro Muramasa parforms (Phat Company)


I think I mentioned all figures, that caught my eye this summer. That’s quite a long list so I guess I have to start saving up money already ><

Get your wallets ready!