Play Arts Kai – Sephiroth AC ver.

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Today I’ll review another Play Arts Kai figure I own. After getting the AC Cloud I didn’t even think twice and PO’d Sephiroth. The promo pics made a great impression on me and I was extremely excited to finally get him! Earlier I also got PAK Noctis (FF XV), but its quality wasn’t very good. Still not so bad to stop me from getting Sephiroth. And he was totally worth it!

The box is really big, much bigger than Clouds. Its conception is pretty much the same. The only change is that the front part closes with magnets not with burr. It’s much better imo.

IMG_5211IMG_5212IMG_5213Sephiroth is 28,5cm tall. What I like about PAKs is that they don’t really need the stand for most poses. With Sephiroth you’ll usually need it though. Let’s take a look at the figure!


There aren’t many paint transfers and generally the quality is really high. The joints are easy to move and let you pose the figure in various ways. The hair is made of soft and elastic material.
Sephiroth comes with the most recognisable accessories from the movie: a huge wing and a huge katana. There are some additional hands too.


It took me a while to put on the wing. You have to move the joints a lot to get the right pose. Otherwise it’ll just get detached. I wasn’t sure either how to put it on his back too. Square Enix thought up a nice solution here. One element on the back is removable.

IMG_5231 The sword is also easy to put in his hand. Posing Sephiroth is really fun!
With the wing on the figure takes a lot of space so prepare your room for him 🙂



Unfortunately I couldn’t pose him the way I really wanted to and that’s the one:


The figure is just too heavy, especially with the wing. But Sephiroth is just too badass to worry. He’s really well made, the quality is great overall. He looks amazing next to my two Clouds (yeah I also bought the remake ver. ;)) Many people complain about SE quality. Well I’m not surprised. It’s just a pure luck I guess. Some of their figures are great like this one, some are average (like Noctis or Static Arts Vincent) and some are terrible (gladly I don’t own any of such quality). Usually it’s better to wait for users photos, but you never know if the figure will go up in price after the release or not. Well I suppose I still would risk it with the PAK series. In the end I wasn’t completely unhappy with any of SE figures. Well the Static Arts Vincent isn’t a complete disaster like many claim, but it’s far from high quality. Definetely not worth the price I paid for it…Well my mistake I guess.

All in all Sephiroth is really amazing and getting him won’t be a mistake for sure. Hope this review will help you make the right decision.



Hatsune Miku – Hanairogoromo – 1/8 scale by Stronger

Long time no post (again!).
Hopefully I’ll make up for the break with this post.

And so, today’s topic will be one of the most awaited figures of the past year -Hanairogoromo Miku! ANIPLEX announced this figure long ago and it was instantly certain, that it’ll be one of the most popular releases of 2016, despite the fact of being exclusive, hard to get and all that means expensive! The prototype was very promising and the painted figure made great impression on the collectors.

This time however, ANIPLEX thought about the common collectors, who don’t have much experience with using proxies (which is usually the only way to get an exclusive figure). This beautiful figure was made available to collectors outside of Japan through AmiAmi! The price wasn’t so bad either (considering current figure prices) – 12800 yen incl. tax. Fortunately the box fits in small packet, so the delivery price was also OK (I paid 2430yen for registered air mail). Of course customs fees added to the overall cost, so in the end I spent exactly 700 PLN on her, whis is about 20 000 yen (half of my monthly salary xD). And so she’s the most expensive figure I ever got >< Was she worth it? Let’s see!

Let’s start with the box.


There’s a little too much happening on the box imo, but it’s not annoying either. COuld be better, but it’s just a box so who cares! The contents are what matters!


The background is beautiful too! The same motif was printed on the base.


These flowers are the weakest point of the whole conception. They look unnatural and a little cheap.

When I wanted to attach Miku to the base, I thought I would cry! I couldn’t shove in the peg. The openings in Miku’s shoe and foot, where the peg should fit, were misplaced by 1 or 1,5mm and so I couldn’t get the peg go through both holes. Since the figure was so expensive, I didn’t want to break her, but I didn’t have much choice. While holding the shoe still, I had to push the foot a little until the peg went through. It took me a while and was really nerve-racking, but fortunately nothing bad happened and Miku is standing stable on her base.




Let’s see some details of the kimono before attaching the umbrela. The kimono is the best part, it’s really beautiful and I love the colours and the crane motif used.

Unfortunately there are some painting issues 😦 Actually two, maybe they’re not visible at the first glance, but if you spend so much money you expect the best quality. Especially if the thing is supposed to be an exclusive collectors item.


Otherwise the paint job is clean and very impressive.


Ok, let’s move to the umbrella. It looks really nice and it’s a perfect addition to the figure.

There’s no particular way to attach it, it’s just leaning on her shoulder, but it’s quite stable.



So, was she worth the money? Well, if not for the customs… All in all yes. Despite the small painting issues, she’s really beautiful. It’s not surprising thet ANIPLEX announced the whole series, 2 of which are to be released soon (Kaito and Meiko), 1 available for pre-order (Luka) and the other 2 already announcer (Rin and Len). I decided to pre-order Luka and maybe I’ll get Rin too, but I’ll pass on the other 3 for now, since they’re just too expensive. The whole Vocaloid team will look stunning for sure though.

Hope you enjoyed this review!



Kaori Miyazono 1/8 scale by GSC


Because of work and lack of time I haven’t posted anything for the past few months, so it’s high time to write a review.

And today’s main topic is a lovely character from anime Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Kaori Miyazono. It’s easily noticable, that she’s a young violinist. The story is simple, don’t expect too many plot twists and dynamics, yet beautiful. It’s a story about love, music, sorrow and much more. It makes you smile, laugh and cry. I don’t know anyone who didn’t like this series.

Kaori is definitely the strongest asset to the series. She’s very charismatic, talented and optimistic.

Currently there are only 3 figures from the series and one coming (recently announced by Aniplex). Unfortunately only this one is a standard release manufactured, by Good Smile Company, other 3 are Aniplex’ exclusives.

Let’s take a look at her! The box comes first. It’s simple, but fits the character of the series very well.


Fortunately the figure doesn’t require much assemblying, you just have to put Kaori on the base and that’s it. I’m glad because attaching the violin could be pretty difficult. The pose is not very natural, but it’s cute, like Kaori was floating in the wind. The base is also very simple, but what more do we need?



It’s a decent figure. The paint job is very good, the details and the sculpt are nice. She’s about 20cm tall. Her face is really lovely. What I like the most though is the violin.

The only thing that could be improved is the seam on the hair



Can you say no to these eyes? I’m sure you can’t 😉

Thank you for reading!

Clalaclan Philias (white) – 1/8 by Kotobukiya

After a month long break the time has come to post something new.

A figure that I don’t own anymore, but loved when I got it – Clalaclan Philias from a japanese game Shining Wind. There are two colour versions of this figure: black and white, wchich I’ll be reviewing today. I always liked this one more. The figure was released in 2008 so it’s already 8 years old! Let’s take a look at Koto’s quality from that time.


The base is a veeeeeeeeery simple and plain piece of plastic. As you can see the figure isn’t screwed to it like usual. You have to attach the figure and the shield to it.


The figure is 20cm tall.



It’s possible to display her without the skirt (something for panty-lovers).


I think she is absolutely worth both the current (about 2500)and the original price (5800). The colours are really nice and Koto caught the character of Philias very well. I believe this would be a nice addition to any collection. As for a 8-year old figure she’s pretty well made (better than some newer figures by Kotobukiya). I like the sculpt, especially her waivy hair. The paint job and shadowing also look very nice. The hair has a pearl touch to it. The only problem is, that the torso can be easily disattached, so be careful while getting her out of the box.


Gundam UC – Audrey Burne – 1/8 scale

Hello everyone!

Today I want to review my holiest grail ever! The main (and the best) character from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn – Audrey Burne, or rather Princess Mineva Lao Zabi. I won’t spoil the fun of watching the series so let’s stop the introduction at that. I bought her at Mandarake, for a quite decent price, incl shipping she cost me 10k yen. I was looking for her for around a year and I’m so glad I finally got her. She’s manufactured by Alpha x Omega – a collaboration of MegaHouse and Alter, which is rather surprising since Alter is like a guru in figure manufacturing and MegaHouse, whose quality is decent, but can’t even be compared to Alter’s. Let’s see what we get out of this collab!

The box is rather simple, but the colors are nice.


She comes with two bodies, two haros and two pegs to attach them.


The base is transparent and blue with Gundam UC logo on it. Audrey is attached with one leg, but the figure is very stable, or rather was because I was stupid enough to break one of the two pegs while changing the bodies :v Still, even with one peg she is quite stable.

I like figures with more than one display option, but sometimes the parts aren’t easy to change, or you can’t remove them at all. This figure has absolutely no issues with that.

The pose is just beautiful. Audrey looks so delicate and looks like she’s floating in the air.


The details are just like expected of Alter. Everything from the sculpt to the painting is just perfect. At least about Audrey, Haros aren’t this perfect, but not bad at all. Let’s take a look at them first.

The black lines are uneven and there’s almost no shading. But Haro is not so important for me.

Audrey is soo beautiful. I love her the most of all my figures.



Aaaah, I love everything about her. Her face is really beautiful. It was definitely worth waiting so long to get her. I must say, this is probably the first fugure I was ready to really overpay for. I really hope there’ll be more decent Gundam UC figures in the future, I especially wait for Banagher. As for Audrey, I give her 10/10, she definitely deserves it.


Oshino Ougi 1/8 scale

Hello all!

Today’s review: Oshino Ougi! The figure was released by Kotobukiya. Ougi is a side character in Monogatari series, that seems to play an important part though. And she actually does, but no spoilers! Ougi claims to be Oshino Meme’s niece. The figure looked very promising from the beginning and the price wasn’t too high (8200 yen). And as a big Monogatari fan I had to get her!


Ougi is 20cm high. The base design is awesome! It’s very detailed and looks simply stunning.


Ougi is attached to it with one leg only, but the construction is very stable. No need to worry about the figure falling.


The pose is great too. Ougi looks dynamic with her windblown hair and clothes.


She’s sculpted and painted nicely. As usual Koto could put more effort in the shadowing, but still the figure looks good. Only the hair could be sculpted better, it doesn’t look very natural, but also not too bad either.


She looks good alongside Senjougahara made by Kotobukiya too!IMG_3377

Her current price isn’t as low anymore, but it’s not horrifying either ~9000k for used one. I’m glad I got Ougi, she looks gorgeous and was relatively cheap. Good that Kotobukiya decided to make her and put much effort into making her. She doesn’t look too interesting in the anime, I’d say her looks’re quite plain, but Koto made her look stunning!

I hope you like her too!


Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland; C.C., Nunnally, Anya

Since I already own all 3 figures from this line I decided to review them together. This line is based on illustrations from Code Geass side series Nunnally in Wonderland. The manufacturer is Banpresto, so you can guess these are prize figures. The scale is not mentioned, but the figures are quite big, about 1/7 scale.

Let’s start with the main character, which is Nunnally Lamperouge. She’s 18cm high.


The base is quite cute gravings and character’s name


Nunnally sits on a mashroom that you attach to the base

I think the figure looks very much like the illustration it’s based on. The colors are nice, the details too. There are some seams and smaller faults, but they’re not disturbing at all. She is very cute and lovely. Her skirt is supposed to be removable, but I couldn’t take it off so I gave up, I didn’t want to display her like this anyway.


Next comes C.C. my beloved character from Code Geass. She is big – 25cm.


The base is very similar to Nunnallys, well all three have similar bases, which is understandable, since they all are from one line.

As you see she comes with extra face and an instruction how to put it on. But seriously I don’t like it at all. I know it’s supposed to be cream, but…but…it just doesn’t look right xD



Again she looks just like on the illustration, very detailed. Like with Nunnally, there are some small mistakes, which however don’t have any bad influence on the looks of the figure itself. I think C.C. is the best of all 3. The shadowing and the details are very well made.


You can take her apart and display in many ways

Without the skirt and apron


With skirt alone


With apron alone


Let’s move on to Anya.
I bought her not so long ago (a month maybe).


She comes with extra face (she looks even more pervy than C.C. ><), and with a cake. She’s 15cm high.


I like the transparent skirt

You can also display her without skirt and apron


I think all 3 figures are made really well. I love the sculpt, it’s really beautiful. These are prize figures so you shouldn’t expect them to be perfect, but still they’re worth the current price (Nunnally and Anya ~2-2,5k, C.C. ~3,5-5k). I wish we would get all Code Geass characters in their original design. There are mostly spin-off designs like these here. I love them, but I think characters other than C.C. and occasionaly Lelouch should get more love from the companies. I hoped for more figures with the announcement of the Gaiden series, but both the series and the figures were somehow forgotten.

A bonus!


Hope you like them too!