Hinata and Kageyama nendoroid #528 & #529

Good day everyone!

Today I want to share with you my first experience with GSC shop.
When I saw these Haikyuu nendos with alternative school look I knew I have to order them no matter what. Of course they were GSC exclusives so the only option to place an order was to use the official GSC shop. There are no price reductions and there’s only one shipping option: EMS, which costs 2000 yen. But knowing the usual after market price of exclusive items I didn’t hesitate much and pre-ordered them. The total price with shipping was 8000 yen, fortunately no custom fees. Still a lot for 2 nendos with almost no additional parts. But the price today is even higher so I’m glad I got them ><

I heard a lot bad things about the careless way GSC sends the orders so I was expecting my package to be wrecked. Fortunately it seems they started to care a little more. The order was secured well with paper.

I thought the boxes would be bigger, but they are tiny! In comparision with a standard nendo box:


The way the boxes open is something new too, quite a nice change


As you can see there’re almost no accessories added. Both nendos come with a bag and 2 arm parts and that’s it.

Let’s take a look at Hinata first.


To put on the bag remove the head and one hand


Of course you can change expressions with the nendos released before. There are no flaws as far as I noticed.

Tobio now!


Again no flaws here. The parts are easy to change and the painting is well done too. I really like these nendoroids. It would be nice to get some more parts though. They are a must for Haikyuu!! fangirl like me ;P

A bonus photo!


See you!


Chitoge Kirisaki and Kosaki Onodera nendoroid #421/#457

Today’s topic – Nisekoi!

Another strange and also a hilarious anime from Shaft. If you’re a fan of this studio, I’m sure you’ll like Nisekoi. Chitoge and Onodera are main female characters in the series. Their personalities differ a lot. Chitoge is quite bold and confident (mostly ;)) while Onodera is super-shy.

Let’s take a look at the nendoroids!


Chitoge first.


She comes with 3 expressions, 6 arms, 1 leg, bag, notebook and of course the necklace with her key. The expressions are really cute and very accurate. They suit Chitoge from the anime 🙂 Posing is vey easy and it’s fun. You can recreate the poses from the box without problems.

Hello there!


You can move Chitoge’s ponytail


Let’s see some poses and details


There’s a silver paint leak on her tie, but the part is so small that it’s not really visible.IMG_2646IMG_2647IMG_2648IMG_2651IMG_2652IMG_2653

I really love all poses and expressions. This nendo is made very neatly and gives you lots of fun.

Now Onodera!


She also comes with 3 expressions, 5 arms, 2 hands, wrinkled skirt and a bag. And again the expressions were chosen really well, it’s the Onodera we all like 🙂




I didn’t spot any paint problems here. All parts also fit well and posing is as easy  as posing Chitoge.

Both nendos are lovely. I’m so glad I ordered them when the re-release was announced! Absolutely no complaints here. They’re pretty cheap on the aftermarket too. Even if you don’t like the series too much, I’m sure those cute girls will overwhelm your heart (and wallet) 😉 Buy them without hesitation!



Hoozuki – nendoroid #506

Time for a new post! This time I want to review another nendoroid – Hoozuki from anime Hoozuki no Reitetsu. Hoozuki is an important official in Hell. Yup in Hell. I recommend watching the anime to everyone. There’s a great doze of humour and lots of interesting characters and stories. Unfortunately no other character will get a nendo any soon (or rather never…), I would be happy to get Hakutaku too.

Let’s get started. The box is pretty much boring.


As you can see we don’t get many spare parts either… We get: 2 faceplates, 3 extra arms, Hoozuki’s mace, Shiro and of course a Kingyosou – a fishlike plant that Hoozuki cultivates.
Shiro’s head and paws are movable. Kingyosou is placed on a spring so it moves a little too.



Unfortunately you can’t move Hoozukis legs and any parts except for arms and head so there’s very little you can do with him. Posing options are very limited and the lack of extra parts isn’t helping either.


I expected a lot more from this nendo. I really like the character and the anime. There were much more options GSC could add here, so it feels like they didn’t really put much work in designing Hoozuki. I feel a little regret that I bought him, but still there aren’t many figures from this series and they’re mostly too expensive in my opinion. We can only hope for more. If you like this nendoroid get him, if you don’t feel convinced just give up, I think you won’t regret if you don’t get him.

Have a nice day!

Wonder Festival 2016 – most awaited figures

Today I want to make some thoughts about the winter Wonder Festival this year.
WF’s are the most anticipated events for us figure collectors. This year I’m not so amazed with the announcements, but there are some figures I’ll be really looking out for. Hopefully they’re not just empty promises and at least 80% of announced figures will be up for pre-orders in the upcoming year.

  1. 7th Dragon III – Samurai – Max Factory

    Yes! Another Samurai and such an awesome design! I feel I’ll finally get the very first figure based on Miwa Shirow’s illustration. Can’t miss this chance!

  2. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Nia Teppelin wedding dress ver. – Myethos

    This figure is a complete surprise for me! I wasn’t expecting it at all and I’m so excited to see the painted prototype. The manufacturer isn’t that well known though. I’ve seen some of their figures, but I’m not sure how Nia will come out.

  3. Ghost in the Shell ARISE – Motoko Kusanagi – Kotobukiya

    I love Motoko and I’m glad Koto took up this project. I really like the design. The ARTFX J line is quite expensive, but I’m sure those figures would cost much more when GSC or MF made them.

  4. Monogatari Series – Ononoki Yotsugi – Good Smile Company

    Another Monogatari figure. No complaints here though.

  5. Granblue Fantasy – Yueru – Phat Company

    I don’t know neither the game nor the character, but damn! This figure looks awesome! Phat is a good manufacturer and their figures aren’t so crazy expensive.

  6. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio – Haruna – Build Master Works

    A garage kit this time. Haruna looks awesome! I won’t get her for sure, but we can at least hope for a scale like it was with Kongou.

  7. Kizumonogatari – Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade – Moineau

    Another garage kit. Aniplex will make a chibi of this lovely Kiss-shot so I’m getting my hopes up for a scale too.

  8. Fate/Grand Order – Gilgamesh – Max Factory

    Yay my dear husbando! I hope he’ll be worth buying, although I’d rather eventually get some decent scale of him. Instead we get tons of Saber-scales again…

  9. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio – Haruna – Max Factory

    Finally we see a prototype of this figma. Looks good to me, but todays prices are a little demotivating, so I’m not sure if I’ll get her.

  10. Ajin – Shimomura Izumi – Good Smile Company

    OMG! I love Ajin and GSC makes my heart race here. I’m a little dissapponted that again we get a female character, whose role is rather supporting, and not the main character… I doubt we’ll ever see Kei scaled and I cannot really imagine a nendoroid of him…

  11. Fate/Stay Night – Saber – Phat Company

    I really like how Phat makes their parforms. Their faces are incredibly cute, but not so deformed like nendoroids. I definitely like this series more, hopefully phat will make more and more characters!

  12. Haikyuu!! – Tsukishima Kei – Good Smile Company

    I’m not so much excited about this nendo, but Haikyuu is like gotta catch them all for me. I’ll definitely buy him.

    Of course there’re tons of other interesting figures announced, but these caught my attention the most. I’m sure you’ve found something for you too!

    Have a nice day!

Iona – Nendoroid #419 by Good Smile Company

Hello everyone! Today I want to post a short review of another nendoroid. Again a character from Blue Steel – Iona. She’s the mental model of I-401 – the so-awesome submarine, which sets the whole Fleet of Fog in fear and consternation. Well, it seems the Japanese tend to give their ships the form of cute and lovely girls. Well who cares…
And so I got another mental model to add to my Arpeggio collection.


I’m quite surprised with the current price of this nendo. It’s about 5000 yen for a used piece. Anime wasn’t so popular so it’s a little strange. I’m glad I didn’t hesitate too much and got her on amiami sale for about 3k yen.


Iona comes with 2 expressions, sitting part, only 2 extra hand parts, a starfish, seat, standard base, extra tie, 3 data tamaki (I guess this is the right name) and a base part to pose them.


Assembling of DT-strips is quite easy. There’s a plastic film on them, which you’ll can but don’t have to remove. I did, because it looks better this way.




The paint job isn’t perfect. Well the figure is very small so tiny details, are definitely difficult to paint.


I like the shading on her hair and I just love her eyes!


Due to the lack of extra parts posing Iona is quite limited. Still it’s not a boring nendoroid and you’ll definitely find a pose you like.


She’s really cute. I love this tiny Iona, but I wouldn’t pay more than 4000 yen for her. I wonder if Takao’s price will rise too. Hopefully not since I want to get her too 😉 I’m sure you’ll like this mental model, so go and get her!



Hatsune Miku – Senbonzakura ver. nendoroid #480

Senbonzakura yoru ni magire…

I’m sure everyone heard this song in his head immediately 😉
Today we’ll look at one of the Miku nendoroids, which is the Senbonzakura version.


Since I’m not very enthusiastic about all the Miku figures, at first I wasn’t interested in this nendo. But after giving it some thought and seeing the pictures of a painted prototype I just couldn’t resist and pre-ordered her. I love the “Senbonzakura” song so this Miku was very tempting.

And so in may I got my order!


Her box is really nice, I love cherry flowers ^^


Aside from standard base set we get: 2 expressions, hat, bicycle, some arm parts and legs, bicycle stand and…no idea what it is, a stick with something pink on it 😀

Hello Miku!


She’s really lovely. The design, colours, painting, accessories – everything! Almost all parts fitperfectly.The only problem  is to get Miku sit on the bike correctly. The ponytails are movable.


It’s difficult to put both hands on the handlebars, it’s possible though, you only have to try a few times.

Some details


There’s a magnet keeping the hat from falling.




The painting is not perfect, but there are only little mistakes so it’s not a big deal. Especially since there’s lots of small details. Miku’s eyes are so beautiful! The shades give them some depth.

Are you hesitating? No need, just get her arleady! This is a cute nendo with nice accessories and many ways to pose. I’m sure you won’t get bored with this Miku so easily.


Hinata Shouyou and Kageyama Tobio nendoroids #461 and #489

Hello everyone, time for a new post!

Whose turn it is today?


Two lovely guys in their nendo form. The little giant Hinata Shouyou and the king of the court Kageyama Tobio!

How could I review them separately? 🙂

Both characters are from an amazing anime Haikyuu!!
Hinata and Kageyama are young volleyball players in a high school volleyball club Karasuno. Before entering the club they were enemies, after their match against each other. But as they are in the same team now, they have to put up with each other and overcome many obstacles, which are not necessarily their physical abilities. Ok no more spoilers!

As for the anime I would recommend it to everyone. I don’t particularly like sports series, but after seeing the first two episodes I simply fell in love with this one! There’s no single character I would dislike, the story is absorbing and is really fun to watch. Of course I couldn’t refrain from buying these nendos and pre-ordering the upcoming ones, to be honest I didn’t even try… And tomorrow another Haikyuu!! nendo is coming up for pre-order: Nishinoya Yuu!!!!!!

I can’t wait to get them all!

But let’s come back to our main point.
Let’s start with Hinata.


There’s a convex volleyball pattern on the box.


What we get inside:


3 faceplates, hand- and leg-parts, a ball, and the net parts. Of course there is a base too and it looks like a velleyball court. There’s also a stand for the ball.


Putting everything together is very simple


Come here Hinata, show yourself!



There are no loose joints, which makes me really happy. I think GSC doesn’t make such mistakes anymore, since all their recent nendos that I own have no loose parts at all. The paint job is detailed and clean.
Hinata’s happy too!


Of course there’s one more face to show you.


I think I like his focused face the most, there are lot’s of ways to pose him with it.


The ball stand isn’t as stable as other parts. It takes some time to pose it the way you want, but nothing can be perfect.

Next it’s Kageyama’s turn.



He too comes with 3 faces, ball, net and optional hands and legs. In addition there’s a crown (has anyone ever seen a king without one?!) and an “air” part to add more dynamics. I’m kind of dissapointed that there’s no face like this:


It would suit him much better than the happy face we get.
Tobio isn’t as nicely done like Hinata, but there’s nothing totally off about him.

A king’s cape would be a nice addition too.



Again the ball stand is hard to pose because of the weight of the parts it has to hold.


But the best about this nendo is of course Kageyama’s killer face!


Unfortunately his hand isn’t touching the head. The pegs Tobio’s shoulders are a little too big I suppose, there’s a little gap between them and the body.



Hmmmm. I must admit that I like Hinata more. He’s easier to pose and somehow more fun. Tobio is quite static so to say and I’d rather get other faces too. Of course it doesn’t mean I don’t like him at all, it’s Tobio after all! Both nendos get a re-release soon so don’t miss them out!

And as for my current orders and pre-orders…

Bez tytułu

I’m pretty much getting scared of myself (or of the prices).

More reviews soon!

See you!