Wonfes 2017 Summer

Hello there!

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to post more reviews, but I’ll try to get to it soon.

For now some of Wonfes ups and downs for me!

Twice a year every figure collector holds his breath and awaints the newest announcements. One of these days has come today.

I must say, that there aren’t many announcements this time that made me really excited. But there are figures that took me by surprise and figures that completely destroyed my hopes.

I’m not surprised that this Wonfes is too dominated by Fate series. GSC, MF, ALter and more announced tons of Fate figures. Other than that there’s a lot of KanColle (again), Saekano, tons of new Mikus and of course Touken Ranbu. Fortunately the companies didn’t forget about less popular series.

As every top list you can find on this blog this one is also a subjective choice of mine.

Let’s start with the very end of my tops

11# Odin Sphere – Mercedes (Phat! Company)

I just love these Phat’s parforms. They are so cute I can’t say no to them!


10# Oikawa Tooru Unifor Ver. nendoroid

Tooru-chan striking again!


9# Slayers -Lina nendoroid

Finally some love to one of my beloved childhood series!


8# Nier Automata – YorHa (Square Enix/Flare)

Finally SE lets someone else make their figures. Flare is a great choice here!


7# D.Gray-Man – Kanda Yuu (Aniplex)

Another Aniplex exclusive coming! They really know how to get my money.


6# Fate/Grand Order – Ishtar (Aniplex)

And again exclusive. Announced some time ago and finally with a prototype! I know I won’t get her, additional costs like shipping and customs would make me a beggar. Still she looks amazing!


5# Kakegurui – Jabami Yumeko (Kotobukiya)

An amazing looking prototype. I got hooked on the anime, it’s really exciting (a bit strange though) so I’m happy to see a fabolous Yumeko so soon.


4# Fate/Grand Order – Lancer (Orange Rouge)

Finally a proper scale of the second best servant ever ❤


#3 Odin Sphere – Gwendolyn (aquamarine)

The best Gwen so far. The pose is just awesome, so dynamic! Can’t wait to see the painted prototype. Do your best Aquamarine!


#2 Fate/Stay Night – Matou Sakura (Aniplex)

Please Aniplex stop…you just know that I love kimonos, don’t you?


1# Fate/Grand Order – Gilgamesh (Myethos)

Ok, Myethos wins the whole show. The most  exciting piece of this Wonfes’!
Myethos is a chinese company, so most of their products aren’t on the MFC database, but they are a really fascinating company. Their projects are really creative and the quality is also very good. I think you could compare them with Kotobukiya. Anyways, just take my money Myethos!


But unfortunately there are some complete failures too. Actually I think this is the first time ever I felt so dissappointed with Wonfes’ announcements

A super Sexy Gilgamesh, that was announced last year I suppose, finally gets a paited prototype! Just take my mo….Uhm…..what the hell is this?!


And a figure that I got just too excited about and that is the biggest let down ever.

I love Code Geass and C.C. is my holy waifu, so I was really happy about getting a proper figure with some lovely pose from the anime…Well, MegaHouse crushed all my hopes. I know that boobs sell the best, but making a character look secy at a push is just not my taste. MH tends to do that too often lately. Just a big NO!


In the end there’s nothing too unexpected about this WF edition. But out of all the figures announced I was able to find the ones I really love. Fortunately not too many, my wallet is still safe!

Hope you also found some exciting figures this time!



Hatsune Miku figure ranking

Another post today!

Just for fun I wanted to make my very own ranking of Hatsune Miku figures.
Of course I don’t own most of them so I’m basing my opinion on general rating, the manufacturer and of course on the look.
And of course this is a completely subjective ranking, so you can not agree with it 🙂

First of all I’m not a vocaloid fan. I’m also not a fan of Miku herself, but if there are soooo many figures of a character, there must be some that you’ll like. And of course there are quite many since Miku is one of mostly used characters for figures.

1#  Hatsune Miku – Love is War ver. DX by Good Smile Company


The most stunning figure I’ve ever seen and the most wanted piece on my wishlist. Unfortunately the most unaffordable one too. Aftermarket price: around 45 000 yen (without megaphones from 13k). She was released in 2012 so in the year I was only considering starting figure collecting. The price of 13 333 yen was high for that time, but now it would come as pretty cheap since the base itself is definitely an amazing piece of plastic. Nowadays paying that much for a figure is nothing unusual and you wouldn’t get a GSC figure this size (28cm) and with base like that for less than 18 000 yen, I’m sure of it. This version looks stunning. The pose is dynamic, the painting is more than awesome and another thing is, that it was made according to Miwa Shirow’s illustration. Since I love this illustrator and mangaka, all figures based on his projects catch my eye immediately and land on my wishlist.

2# Hatsune Miku – World is Mine brown frame ver. by Good Smile Company


Another figure with a creative project and lovely base, and again the maker is GSC. That seductive look makes you addicted on the spot.  Aftermarket price: from 8000 yen if you’re lucky so not that bad since the manufacturers price was 8381 yen.The frame base is a great idea, it’s definitely unusual and stands out of other figures. The inside looks like a soft fabric and gives even more charm to the figure.

3# 7th Dragon 2020 – Hatsune Miku – Type 2020 by Max Factory


Let’s change the manufacturer to Max Factory now. Another Miku based on Miwa Shirow’s illustration whose style is very easy to recognise here. This figure is slightly bigger since it’s 1/7 scale (24,5cm). The colours are lovely matched, I like the windblown pose and the shading looks brilliant too. Aftermarket price: ~7000-10000 yen. I’m definitely getting her sometime soon, the only problem is lack of free space to display her ><

4# Hatsune Miku –  mebae ver. by Max Factory


This is the latest Miku figure announced by this manufacturer. The figure is definitely eccentric so not everyone might like it. She’s currently up for pre-orders. Manufacturers price: 18 333 yen. Yes, the price hurts. It only shows how much the prices of figures have gone up since a few years ago. This is another 1/7 scale and it’s 22,5cm tall. Lately there seem to be more 1/7 and bigger scales. Well, bigger figures are definitely nicer, just take more space 😉 Hopefully she’ll be on sale after the release. What I love most is her face and hair. The sculpt looks great and we can expect MF to make it even better in the end. I think it would be better if the base was simple like in the pictures, because it might have been too overwhelming. I hope the hair won’t be too fragile, because many buyers could get her destroyed in the sipping…

5# Hatsune Miku – VN02 by Max Factory


Another Miku by Max Factory. A cyber world Miku 🙂 This is a 1/8 scale, but thanks to the base it measures 27cm so it’s quite big. Aftermarket price: ~7000-8000 yen. I like this sharp green colours and her hair. Her pose is very dynamic and sculpt looks great!

6# Hatsune Miku – Shinkai Shoujo ver. by Good Smile Company


And here we’ve got a sea Miku, which looks like she really was under the water! Beautiful, delicate and with lovely base. She’s 1/8 scale too, but as she is in sitting pose she measures 16cm. Aftermarket price: ~22 000 yen (craaaazy).

7# Hatsune Miku – Rabbit Yukine – Magical Snow 2014 ver. by Good Smile Company


The cutest Miku ever! Yes, we all who thought it was expensive and didn’t order it from GSC shop were wrong and are now regretting not buying her. This nendoroid comes with so many accessories and is up til now so popular, that the price of 4286 yen seems funny now. Aftermarket price: from 6000 yen :”D Now I know it’s better to pre-order exclusives, because their price will be unreasonable after the release. Even if you pay a little more for the EMS shipping and custom fees, it will still be cheaper than getting the figure later.

8# Hatsune Miku – Senbonzakura ver. by Good Smile Company


Again a nendoroid. I own this one and I think it’s lovely! I like the design and the colours, especially her eyes look nice. There are many accessories, she is very posable and well made. Aftermarket price: from 4000 yen.

9# Hatsune Miku – Harvest Moon ver. by Good Smile Company


Another exclusive from GSC and another regret for me, since I didn’t buy her. The reason was too pricey orders in the release month of this one, so unfortunately I couldn’t afford getting her ;( I’m sure I won’t get her anymore, since I expect the aftermarket price to be much over 5000 yen.

10# Hatsune Miku – mikumix Shuukan Hajimete no Miku Hatsune by Good Smile Company


The simpliest design with the funniest faces. This nendo is just so funny I couldn’t give up placing her on this list. Aftermarket price: ~3000 yen.

Thanks for reading!

Hanekawa Tsubasa figma #147

Long time no post!

Sorry, but I had no time recently. My collection got bigger and it’s high time to review at least one figure 🙂
So I decided to describe a figma I lately ordered. It’s Hanekawa Tsubasa from Bakemonogatari. I totally fell in love with her, no kidding!

Somehow lately I buy figures that I haven’t even planned to buy, but most of them ended up to be a good decision 🙂
I ordered it together with Kanbaru Suruga (also Bakemonogatari).


And here’s what we get inside (I bought it second hand, that’s why there are 3 pairs of glasses on the bottom):




And this is the back of the figure, the hair is movable:


As you can see it comes with three different faces and hairstyles. There’s also a book, the glasses and of course additional hands. Quite a lot of additional parts that make it really fun to play wit Hanekawa 🙂 I haven’t spotted any serious painting problems. Every part is easy to change and nothing falls off 🙂 Each face is so cute! Together with the cat ears she’s the cutest thing ever ;P

So a few pictures with every expression 🙂





It’s a no-no!



And the next review is….Kanbaru!




Some news!

Hi there!

Today I want to provide you with some news from the figure world.

Yesterday Good Smile Company added quite a few posts on their Facebook announcing new figures arriving in some time.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/goodsmileenglish

There are some interesting ones:

~Nendoroid Kanbaru Suruga from Bakemonogatari


~Nendoroid Saber Bride version from Fate/Extra. She looks beautiful and really cute 🙂


~Nendoroid Rivaille from popular anime Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on titan)


~Figma Casca from Berserk


~Scale figure of Frau Kojiro from Robotics;Notes. I wonder how she’ll look like in color :3


~Scaled figure Ryuko from Kill la Kill. Can’t wait!


Some more on Kahotan’s blog:

~Scale figures Sena Kashiwazaki and Yozora Mikazuki cat version from Haganai


~Sword Art Online Fairy Dance Arc: Leafa. She’s actually on pre-order now.


So many new things to add to my wishlist…so little money xD

But hopefully I’ll be able to get something ^^



Tachibana Hibiki figma #146

Hi! Today I want to provide you with a review of my other figma. It’s Tachibana Hibiki from anime Senki Zesshou Symphogear. In fact up til now it’s one of my favourites in my collection.

I decided to buy it on ebay from a Japanese seller. Figure sellers from Japan are the only reliable ones on ebay, at least for me. I never buy from other countries, because I don’t want to get a bootleg, which is very possible on ebay.

So, moving on to the figure itself.



Nothing special about it. It’s just a simple packaging.






There are quite a few accessories. 3 additional faces, a bunch of hands, a pair of boots and some things, that animate the figure’s fighting poses. And of course an instruction.

What makes me really happy is that this figma has no serious paintig problems.
Whole figure-Hibiki with default smilig face:





Some parts on the back are movable, but they fall off from time to time so don’t play with them too much 😛


The headphoones also sometimes fall off, but it’s probably because you have to take them off to change the face.
Tachibana is very movable. You can pose it in various ways and nothing hinders it. She looks amazing with her crazy face 🙂 I change the pose almost every day and every time she looks stunning 😀



Unfortunately not all parts fit, these are the boots. I can’t put on the additional pair and the main pair also doesn’t fit very well, but all in all I’m very satisfied with this figma. If you think whether to buy it or not, I’d say do it. I don’t regret buying mine 🙂

Black Gold Saw figma 168

Hi there!

I wanted to start with a review of some older figures I own, but I just got the new Max Factory figma of Black Gold Saw from Black Rock Shooter animation! 
I’ve been waiting for it since January so I’m really happy I already got it!
I wish I could say that BGS is perfect…unfortunately she isn’t, but let’s begin with all the cool things about her 🙂

I ordered it from CDjapan. I like this site, because it’s really reliable and you don’t have to worry, that anythig will go wrong with your order. 

The figure arrived carefully packed, but I will omit the opening of the box 😉
So that’s what was inside:



My beloved Black Gold Saw!
Some photos of the box:





I like it’s design. Boxes made to Black Rock Shooter figmas look really nice 🙂
Now to the content:
I thought: Oh my God it’s really here!!!
Don’t laugh! I’ve been waiting for it since long ago! I’m a great Black Gold Saw fan and it was hard to get the older version for an acceptable price :/

Looking at the content it seems that there’re many accessories, but don’t get fooled by that. Most figmas have additional hands in a separate packing together with the base. Since BGS has huge hands they were treated as the accessories other figmas have. 
There are two different faces and of course her amazing Kingsaw! Be careful! It’s really sharp 😀
The thing that compensates for the lack of accessories is the figure’s height. It’s much bigger than other figmas. I made a photo to show you the difference:
It’s huge, isn’t it? And looks amazing!
And now Black Gold Saw herself!
Her hair is also movable.


And now first uncool things I noticed. Two white spots on her jacket and a black one on her butt :

With those exceptions the figure is painted and sculpted nicely and very detailed.

Problems began when I started to change the parts and tried to pose her in few ways.
First of all the stand keeps falling off T____T It makes me crazy!!!
The next thing is also about the stand. Thanks god the hair is movable, otherwise it would be impossible to attach it to the figure. It leads to the next problems. The hair can’t be moved down again and you almost can’t move BGS’s head. 
The figure seemed to be very movable, but the stand makes it very hard or even impossible to pose her (even according to the pictures on the box). Most figmas can’t look up after attaching the stand, but in case of BGS it’s terribly irritating since it’s another thing that hinders the posing :/
And last but not least…she can’t hold the Kingsaw correctly! It’s impossible to attach it so that it won’t move and fall down (usually together with her hand). I made a short film showing that, but I’m still new here so I can’t figure out how to put it here 😛 I’ll try to post it separately.

After about 20 minutes I finally posed BGS in a way I quite like, but it was very very hard >< The stand kept falling off, the saw kept falling off, the hand holding it too. But in the end I’m happy that I bought it. At least it looks amazing 🙂

Thanks for your attention! 🙂