Hoozuki – nendoroid #506

Time for a new post! This time I want to review another nendoroid – Hoozuki from anime Hoozuki no Reitetsu. Hoozuki is an important official in Hell. Yup in Hell. I recommend watching the anime to everyone. There’s a great doze of humour and lots of interesting characters and stories. Unfortunately no other character will get a nendo any soon (or rather never…), I would be happy to get Hakutaku too.

Let’s get started. The box is pretty much boring.


As you can see we don’t get many spare parts either… We get: 2 faceplates, 3 extra arms, Hoozuki’s mace, Shiro and of course a Kingyosou – a fishlike plant that Hoozuki cultivates.
Shiro’s head and paws are movable. Kingyosou is placed on a spring so it moves a little too.



Unfortunately you can’t move Hoozukis legs and any parts except for arms and head so there’s very little you can do with him. Posing options are very limited and the lack of extra parts isn’t helping either.


I expected a lot more from this nendo. I really like the character and the anime. There were much more options GSC could add here, so it feels like they didn’t really put much work in designing Hoozuki. I feel a little regret that I bought him, but still there aren’t many figures from this series and they’re mostly too expensive in my opinion. We can only hope for more. If you like this nendoroid get him, if you don’t feel convinced just give up, I think you won’t regret if you don’t get him.

Have a nice day!