Wonfes 2017 Summer

Hello there!

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to post more reviews, but I’ll try to get to it soon.

For now some of Wonfes ups and downs for me!

Twice a year every figure collector holds his breath and awaints the newest announcements. One of these days has come today.

I must say, that there aren’t many announcements this time that made me really excited. But there are figures that took me by surprise and figures that completely destroyed my hopes.

I’m not surprised that this Wonfes is too dominated by Fate series. GSC, MF, ALter and more announced tons of Fate figures. Other than that there’s a lot of KanColle (again), Saekano, tons of new Mikus and of course Touken Ranbu. Fortunately the companies didn’t forget about less popular series.

As every top list you can find on this blog this one is also a subjective choice of mine.

Let’s start with the very end of my tops

11# Odin Sphere – Mercedes (Phat! Company)

I just love these Phat’s parforms. They are so cute I can’t say no to them!


10# Oikawa Tooru Unifor Ver. nendoroid

Tooru-chan striking again!


9# Slayers -Lina nendoroid

Finally some love to one of my beloved childhood series!


8# Nier Automata – YorHa (Square Enix/Flare)

Finally SE lets someone else make their figures. Flare is a great choice here!


7# D.Gray-Man – Kanda Yuu (Aniplex)

Another Aniplex exclusive coming! They really know how to get my money.


6# Fate/Grand Order – Ishtar (Aniplex)

And again exclusive. Announced some time ago and finally with a prototype! I know I won’t get her, additional costs like shipping and customs would make me a beggar. Still she looks amazing!


5# Kakegurui – Jabami Yumeko (Kotobukiya)

An amazing looking prototype. I got hooked on the anime, it’s really exciting (a bit strange though) so I’m happy to see a fabolous Yumeko so soon.


4# Fate/Grand Order – Lancer (Orange Rouge)

Finally a proper scale of the second best servant ever ❤


#3 Odin Sphere – Gwendolyn (aquamarine)

The best Gwen so far. The pose is just awesome, so dynamic! Can’t wait to see the painted prototype. Do your best Aquamarine!


#2 Fate/Stay Night – Matou Sakura (Aniplex)

Please Aniplex stop…you just know that I love kimonos, don’t you?


1# Fate/Grand Order – Gilgamesh (Myethos)

Ok, Myethos wins the whole show. The most  exciting piece of this Wonfes’!
Myethos is a chinese company, so most of their products aren’t on the MFC database, but they are a really fascinating company. Their projects are really creative and the quality is also very good. I think you could compare them with Kotobukiya. Anyways, just take my money Myethos!


But unfortunately there are some complete failures too. Actually I think this is the first time ever I felt so dissappointed with Wonfes’ announcements

A super Sexy Gilgamesh, that was announced last year I suppose, finally gets a paited prototype! Just take my mo….Uhm…..what the hell is this?!


And a figure that I got just too excited about and that is the biggest let down ever.

I love Code Geass and C.C. is my holy waifu, so I was really happy about getting a proper figure with some lovely pose from the anime…Well, MegaHouse crushed all my hopes. I know that boobs sell the best, but making a character look secy at a push is just not my taste. MH tends to do that too often lately. Just a big NO!


In the end there’s nothing too unexpected about this WF edition. But out of all the figures announced I was able to find the ones I really love. Fortunately not too many, my wallet is still safe!

Hope you also found some exciting figures this time!



Kaori Miyazono 1/8 scale by GSC


Because of work and lack of time I haven’t posted anything for the past few months, so it’s high time to write a review.

And today’s main topic is a lovely character from anime Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Kaori Miyazono. It’s easily noticable, that she’s a young violinist. The story is simple, don’t expect too many plot twists and dynamics, yet beautiful. It’s a story about love, music, sorrow and much more. It makes you smile, laugh and cry. I don’t know anyone who didn’t like this series.

Kaori is definitely the strongest asset to the series. She’s very charismatic, talented and optimistic.

Currently there are only 3 figures from the series and one coming (recently announced by Aniplex). Unfortunately only this one is a standard release manufactured, by Good Smile Company, other 3 are Aniplex’ exclusives.

Let’s take a look at her! The box comes first. It’s simple, but fits the character of the series very well.


Fortunately the figure doesn’t require much assemblying, you just have to put Kaori on the base and that’s it. I’m glad because attaching the violin could be pretty difficult. The pose is not very natural, but it’s cute, like Kaori was floating in the wind. The base is also very simple, but what more do we need?



It’s a decent figure. The paint job is very good, the details and the sculpt are nice. She’s about 20cm tall. Her face is really lovely. What I like the most though is the violin.

The only thing that could be improved is the seam on the hair



Can you say no to these eyes? I’m sure you can’t 😉

Thank you for reading!

Hinata and Kageyama nendoroid #528 & #529

Good day everyone!

Today I want to share with you my first experience with GSC shop.
When I saw these Haikyuu nendos with alternative school look I knew I have to order them no matter what. Of course they were GSC exclusives so the only option to place an order was to use the official GSC shop. There are no price reductions and there’s only one shipping option: EMS, which costs 2000 yen. But knowing the usual after market price of exclusive items I didn’t hesitate much and pre-ordered them. The total price with shipping was 8000 yen, fortunately no custom fees. Still a lot for 2 nendos with almost no additional parts. But the price today is even higher so I’m glad I got them ><

I heard a lot bad things about the careless way GSC sends the orders so I was expecting my package to be wrecked. Fortunately it seems they started to care a little more. The order was secured well with paper.

I thought the boxes would be bigger, but they are tiny! In comparision with a standard nendo box:


The way the boxes open is something new too, quite a nice change


As you can see there’re almost no accessories added. Both nendos come with a bag and 2 arm parts and that’s it.

Let’s take a look at Hinata first.


To put on the bag remove the head and one hand


Of course you can change expressions with the nendos released before. There are no flaws as far as I noticed.

Tobio now!


Again no flaws here. The parts are easy to change and the painting is well done too. I really like these nendoroids. It would be nice to get some more parts though. They are a must for Haikyuu!! fangirl like me ;P

A bonus photo!


See you!

Chitoge Kirisaki and Kosaki Onodera nendoroid #421/#457

Today’s topic – Nisekoi!

Another strange and also a hilarious anime from Shaft. If you’re a fan of this studio, I’m sure you’ll like Nisekoi. Chitoge and Onodera are main female characters in the series. Their personalities differ a lot. Chitoge is quite bold and confident (mostly ;)) while Onodera is super-shy.

Let’s take a look at the nendoroids!


Chitoge first.


She comes with 3 expressions, 6 arms, 1 leg, bag, notebook and of course the necklace with her key. The expressions are really cute and very accurate. They suit Chitoge from the anime 🙂 Posing is vey easy and it’s fun. You can recreate the poses from the box without problems.

Hello there!


You can move Chitoge’s ponytail


Let’s see some poses and details


There’s a silver paint leak on her tie, but the part is so small that it’s not really visible.IMG_2646IMG_2647IMG_2648IMG_2651IMG_2652IMG_2653

I really love all poses and expressions. This nendo is made very neatly and gives you lots of fun.

Now Onodera!


She also comes with 3 expressions, 5 arms, 2 hands, wrinkled skirt and a bag. And again the expressions were chosen really well, it’s the Onodera we all like 🙂




I didn’t spot any paint problems here. All parts also fit well and posing is as easy  as posing Chitoge.

Both nendos are lovely. I’m so glad I ordered them when the re-release was announced! Absolutely no complaints here. They’re pretty cheap on the aftermarket too. Even if you don’t like the series too much, I’m sure those cute girls will overwhelm your heart (and wallet) 😉 Buy them without hesitation!



Hoozuki – nendoroid #506

Time for a new post! This time I want to review another nendoroid – Hoozuki from anime Hoozuki no Reitetsu. Hoozuki is an important official in Hell. Yup in Hell. I recommend watching the anime to everyone. There’s a great doze of humour and lots of interesting characters and stories. Unfortunately no other character will get a nendo any soon (or rather never…), I would be happy to get Hakutaku too.

Let’s get started. The box is pretty much boring.


As you can see we don’t get many spare parts either… We get: 2 faceplates, 3 extra arms, Hoozuki’s mace, Shiro and of course a Kingyosou – a fishlike plant that Hoozuki cultivates.
Shiro’s head and paws are movable. Kingyosou is placed on a spring so it moves a little too.



Unfortunately you can’t move Hoozukis legs and any parts except for arms and head so there’s very little you can do with him. Posing options are very limited and the lack of extra parts isn’t helping either.


I expected a lot more from this nendo. I really like the character and the anime. There were much more options GSC could add here, so it feels like they didn’t really put much work in designing Hoozuki. I feel a little regret that I bought him, but still there aren’t many figures from this series and they’re mostly too expensive in my opinion. We can only hope for more. If you like this nendoroid get him, if you don’t feel convinced just give up, I think you won’t regret if you don’t get him.

Have a nice day!

Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade 1/8 scaly by Good Smile Company

The time came for the long awaited figure of Kiss-shot! The so terrifying 500 year old vampire. The legend of Monogatari Series. We had to wait long, it took many donut-Shinobu figures but finally GSC  decided to release a scale figure of full power Kiss-shot based on a garage kit. After 2 month delay, with ridiculously high shipping cost and beloved custom fees she finally reached my door. Although I had to pay almost 4k yen for SAL parcel I’m glad I bought her on AmiAmi. They use lots of paper and bubble wrap for protection and thanks to it my Kiss-shot arrived in perfect condition. This is what the outer box looked like, so I’m sure you understand why I’m so thankful to amiami…

Who cares about the FRAGILE thing… Fortunately the box and the figure weren’t damaged at all.
Since I really love the box design I’ll post some more pictures of it.

GSC is helping us learn kanji 😛


I was so excited to open the box! It’s been quite a long time since I last felt so happy about spending so much money 😉
We get an instruction sheet in japanese and in english. It’s not so helpful, but good that manufacturers start to consider us – foreign customers.

The base consists of 3 parts
And Kiss-shot!
Ok, let’s get ready for the assembly!
First you have to remove the torso.
It’s better if you remove the skirt too. You have to put her legs in the openings.IMG_3501

Than you attach the last base part IMG_3502

The last part left – Kokorowatari. I’ve read so many comments  about breaking the ribbon or the sword that I was really afraid of attaching it.
First you remove the hilt

It was a hard fight. I didn’t want to brak anything and it took me a while to get the hilt through Kiss-shot’s hands. At one moment it just went throught smoothly and the figure is ready to display. No damages!


This is the space for the sword

I really like the transparent black plastic used here

Ah, Kiss-shot looks awesome!

She is really lovely, totally worth the price. I’m sure everyone will be very satisfied with her. She looks great with other monogatari figures. The design is great, paint job is perfect. Sculpt is so nice too. I’d give this figure 9 points out of 10 only because of a little complicated assembly. Otherwise I’m perfectly happy with her!


Iona – Nendoroid #419 by Good Smile Company

Hello everyone! Today I want to post a short review of another nendoroid. Again a character from Blue Steel – Iona. She’s the mental model of I-401 – the so-awesome submarine, which sets the whole Fleet of Fog in fear and consternation. Well, it seems the Japanese tend to give their ships the form of cute and lovely girls. Well who cares…
And so I got another mental model to add to my Arpeggio collection.


I’m quite surprised with the current price of this nendo. It’s about 5000 yen for a used piece. Anime wasn’t so popular so it’s a little strange. I’m glad I didn’t hesitate too much and got her on amiami sale for about 3k yen.


Iona comes with 2 expressions, sitting part, only 2 extra hand parts, a starfish, seat, standard base, extra tie, 3 data tamaki (I guess this is the right name) and a base part to pose them.


Assembling of DT-strips is quite easy. There’s a plastic film on them, which you’ll can but don’t have to remove. I did, because it looks better this way.




The paint job isn’t perfect. Well the figure is very small so tiny details, are definitely difficult to paint.


I like the shading on her hair and I just love her eyes!


Due to the lack of extra parts posing Iona is quite limited. Still it’s not a boring nendoroid and you’ll definitely find a pose you like.


She’s really cute. I love this tiny Iona, but I wouldn’t pay more than 4000 yen for her. I wonder if Takao’s price will rise too. Hopefully not since I want to get her too 😉 I’m sure you’ll like this mental model, so go and get her!