Hatsune Miku – Hanairogoromo – 1/8 scale by Stronger

Long time no post (again!).
Hopefully I’ll make up for the break with this post.

And so, today’s topic will be one of the most awaited figures of the past year -Hanairogoromo Miku! ANIPLEX announced this figure long ago and it was instantly certain, that it’ll be one of the most popular releases of 2016, despite the fact of being exclusive, hard to get and all that means expensive! The prototype was very promising and the painted figure made great impression on the collectors.

This time however, ANIPLEX thought about the common collectors, who don’t have much experience with using proxies (which is usually the only way to get an exclusive figure). This beautiful figure was made available to collectors outside of Japan through AmiAmi! The price wasn’t so bad either (considering current figure prices) – 12800 yen incl. tax. Fortunately the box fits in small packet, so the delivery price was also OK (I paid 2430yen for registered air mail). Of course customs fees added to the overall cost, so in the end I spent exactly 700 PLN on her, whis is about 20 000 yen (half of my monthly salary xD). And so she’s the most expensive figure I ever got >< Was she worth it? Let’s see!

Let’s start with the box.


There’s a little too much happening on the box imo, but it’s not annoying either. COuld be better, but it’s just a box so who cares! The contents are what matters!


The background is beautiful too! The same motif was printed on the base.


These flowers are the weakest point of the whole conception. They look unnatural and a little cheap.

When I wanted to attach Miku to the base, I thought I would cry! I couldn’t shove in the peg. The openings in Miku’s shoe and foot, where the peg should fit, were misplaced by 1 or 1,5mm and so I couldn’t get the peg go through both holes. Since the figure was so expensive, I didn’t want to break her, but I didn’t have much choice. While holding the shoe still, I had to push the foot a little until the peg went through. It took me a while and was really nerve-racking, but fortunately nothing bad happened and Miku is standing stable on her base.




Let’s see some details of the kimono before attaching the umbrela. The kimono is the best part, it’s really beautiful and I love the colours and the crane motif used.

Unfortunately there are some painting issues 😦 Actually two, maybe they’re not visible at the first glance, but if you spend so much money you expect the best quality. Especially if the thing is supposed to be an exclusive collectors item.


Otherwise the paint job is clean and very impressive.


Ok, let’s move to the umbrella. It looks really nice and it’s a perfect addition to the figure.

There’s no particular way to attach it, it’s just leaning on her shoulder, but it’s quite stable.



So, was she worth the money? Well, if not for the customs… All in all yes. Despite the small painting issues, she’s really beautiful. It’s not surprising thet ANIPLEX announced the whole series, 2 of which are to be released soon (Kaito and Meiko), 1 available for pre-order (Luka) and the other 2 already announcer (Rin and Len). I decided to pre-order Luka and maybe I’ll get Rin too, but I’ll pass on the other 3 for now, since they’re just too expensive. The whole Vocaloid team will look stunning for sure though.

Hope you enjoyed this review!




Hinata and Kageyama nendoroid #528 & #529

Good day everyone!

Today I want to share with you my first experience with GSC shop.
When I saw these Haikyuu nendos with alternative school look I knew I have to order them no matter what. Of course they were GSC exclusives so the only option to place an order was to use the official GSC shop. There are no price reductions and there’s only one shipping option: EMS, which costs 2000 yen. But knowing the usual after market price of exclusive items I didn’t hesitate much and pre-ordered them. The total price with shipping was 8000 yen, fortunately no custom fees. Still a lot for 2 nendos with almost no additional parts. But the price today is even higher so I’m glad I got them ><

I heard a lot bad things about the careless way GSC sends the orders so I was expecting my package to be wrecked. Fortunately it seems they started to care a little more. The order was secured well with paper.

I thought the boxes would be bigger, but they are tiny! In comparision with a standard nendo box:


The way the boxes open is something new too, quite a nice change


As you can see there’re almost no accessories added. Both nendos come with a bag and 2 arm parts and that’s it.

Let’s take a look at Hinata first.


To put on the bag remove the head and one hand


Of course you can change expressions with the nendos released before. There are no flaws as far as I noticed.

Tobio now!


Again no flaws here. The parts are easy to change and the painting is well done too. I really like these nendoroids. It would be nice to get some more parts though. They are a must for Haikyuu!! fangirl like me ;P

A bonus photo!


See you!