Clalaclan Philias (white) – 1/8 by Kotobukiya

After a month long break the time has come to post something new.

A figure that I don’t own anymore, but loved when I got it – Clalaclan Philias from a japanese game Shining Wind. There are two colour versions of this figure: black and white, wchich I’ll be reviewing today. I always liked this one more. The figure was released in 2008 so it’s already 8 years old! Let’s take a look at Koto’s quality from that time.


The base is a veeeeeeeeery simple and plain piece of plastic. As you can see the figure isn’t screwed to it like usual. You have to attach the figure and the shield to it.


The figure is 20cm tall.



It’s possible to display her without the skirt (something for panty-lovers).


I think she is absolutely worth both the current (about 2500)and the original price (5800). The colours are really nice and Koto caught the character of Philias very well. I believe this would be a nice addition to any collection. As for a 8-year old figure she’s pretty well made (better than some newer figures by Kotobukiya). I like the sculpt, especially her waivy hair. The paint job and shadowing also look very nice. The hair has a pearl touch to it. The only problem is, that the torso can be easily disattached, so be careful while getting her out of the box.



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