Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland; C.C., Nunnally, Anya

Since I already own all 3 figures from this line I decided to review them together. This line is based on illustrations from Code Geass side series Nunnally in Wonderland. The manufacturer is Banpresto, so you can guess these are prize figures. The scale is not mentioned, but the figures are quite big, about 1/7 scale.

Let’s start with the main character, which is Nunnally Lamperouge. She’s 18cm high.


The base is quite cute gravings and character’s name


Nunnally sits on a mashroom that you attach to the base

I think the figure looks very much like the illustration it’s based on. The colors are nice, the details too. There are some seams and smaller faults, but they’re not disturbing at all. She is very cute and lovely. Her skirt is supposed to be removable, but I couldn’t take it off so I gave up, I didn’t want to display her like this anyway.


Next comes C.C. my beloved character from Code Geass. She is big – 25cm.


The base is very similar to Nunnallys, well all three have similar bases, which is understandable, since they all are from one line.

As you see she comes with extra face and an instruction how to put it on. But seriously I don’t like it at all. I know it’s supposed to be cream, but…but…it just doesn’t look right xD



Again she looks just like on the illustration, very detailed. Like with Nunnally, there are some small mistakes, which however don’t have any bad influence on the looks of the figure itself. I think C.C. is the best of all 3. The shadowing and the details are very well made.


You can take her apart and display in many ways

Without the skirt and apron


With skirt alone


With apron alone


Let’s move on to Anya.
I bought her not so long ago (a month maybe).


She comes with extra face (she looks even more pervy than C.C. ><), and with a cake. She’s 15cm high.


I like the transparent skirt

You can also display her without skirt and apron


I think all 3 figures are made really well. I love the sculpt, it’s really beautiful. These are prize figures so you shouldn’t expect them to be perfect, but still they’re worth the current price (Nunnally and Anya ~2-2,5k, C.C. ~3,5-5k). I wish we would get all Code Geass characters in their original design. There are mostly spin-off designs like these here. I love them, but I think characters other than C.C. and occasionaly Lelouch should get more love from the companies. I hoped for more figures with the announcement of the Gaiden series, but both the series and the figures were somehow forgotten.

A bonus!


Hope you like them too!



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