Inia Sestina 1/7 scale by Kotobukiya

Together with Takamura Yui and Meiya Mitsurugi Inia is my 3rd Muv-Luv figure from Kotobukiya’s line (I already wrote about it in the linked posts). Inia is a stange girl from opposite fraction piloting together with Cryska. It’s hard to say whether they are allies or foes, in the end they become allies I guess.

I got her on Mandarake for 2k+shipping (sic!). But since they limited the shipping options too my country to EMS and DHL only, I’m done with buying there. It’s a shame, because they have really good prices, but now the shipping cost often exceeds the figure price so it’s cheaper to buy from AmiAmi. Good thing I got Inia when other options were still available.

Unlike the other two Inia’s box is quite small (well she’s in sitting position).


The base is similar to Yui’s and both can be joined with Cryska’s. I think Yui’s base looks more natural though.

In the last picture you can see how the figure should be attached to the base. Unfortunately you have to choose whether you prefer her sitting right, or attaching her hand for more stability. It’s just impossible to have both :/ I checked photos of other owners and I noticed this problem in most cases.

I chose stability over looks


Inia’s quality seems overall lower than the other two girls, I wonder why. Her hair feels more like rubber than plastic and I think there are more painting mistakes too. Still she’s sculpted really well.


Her face is lovely!


The price is so low that it’s hard to be dissatisfied with this figure. And the errors aren’t so serious either. Inia looks good and there’s nothing clearly noticable. I really like this figure line and I’m sure someday I’ll get all girls (well only 2 left). So all in all I can’t advise against buying her, she’s a must if you bought other girls too!



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