Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Takao – Ques Q

Another Arpeggio figure today.

This Takao is my first Ques Q figure. I missed the first release because I wasn’t sure of the quality of this company and like most times I regreted later… Fortunately Ques Q announced a re-release of both Takao and Iona. I already had two Iona figures at that time so I only pre-ordered Takao. Well the price of both is OK today, but due to the BREXIT the currency exchange rates are going crazy in my country (everywhere in the world I guess), so I won’t be getting Iona anytime soon.

Nevermind Iona, let’s take a look at Takao!

I like the box, it has two layers and is transparent.


The base has Takao’s sign on it. It’s thin and also a little transparent. I like this transparency allover the design.


Takao is about 20cm high. She’s based on this illustration


Actually I think the figure looks better. The pose is more natural, the angle on the illustration is a bit strange.


The hair is probably made of plastic, but the ends of it feel like rubber and are a little elastic so I’m not sure. You can see that hair gets transparent on the ends too.

I think painting and sculpt are very detailed. Takao’s face is so cute too! There are many things that make this figure appealing to me and I’m really glad I got her. I guess Ques Q is one of better manufacturers. Their quality is high,  they have good ideas and choose nice poses for their figures. I think you can pretty much depend on them, the figure you’ll get won’t turn out too dissapointing, which often happens to Kotobukiya. I think they should start making a bit more complicated bases to make figures even more interesting. All in all I’m very happy with this purchase and maybe I’ll get Ques Q’s Iona too (that would be my 5th Iona ><).




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