Cloud Strife – Play Arts Kai

Hello again!

Final Fantasy VII is a game I played when I was a kid. Some time later I wached the movie FF VII Advent Children and it’s been one of my favourite anime movie since then. Of course Cloud is my beloved character and I always wanted to have his figure. And a few months ago I got my Play Arts Kai Cloud! Play Arts Kai is manufactured by Square Enix. Their quality is not amazing and their figures are mostly overpriced, but in my opinion it’s the best Cloud so far. I pre-ordered him from HLJ. Since I paid ~10k + registered shipping I had to pay custom fees too (23% Vat) 😦 But it’s the first figure I didn’t regret spending this much money on.

The first impression is already good, the box looks great!


He comes with quite many parts. That’s why compared with other PAK figures his price is not so high. There are 7 swords, 4 hands and an arm with sleeve.


You have to assemble the stand on your own


You’ll need a sand paper to do some finishing on the parts

However the stand is mostly unnecessary, Cloud stands on his own. But still I use it to support the figure just in case. The figure is about 28cm high.


The cloth is a real fabric, the rest is plastic, but the clothes look so realistic!


Almost everything is movable even the shoesoles





Awesome, isn’t he? The face could be better, but all in all this figure is very well made. The only problem is, that I couldn’t pull out his arm to put the sleeve on, but I didn’t want to display him with it anyway. There are many joints, posing Cloud is very easy and it’s really fun to do it 🙂 He’s worth every money, no kidding ;P Play Arts Kai isn’t so bad in the end. I think I’m going to buy more figures from Square Enix from now on. Actually I already pre-ordered Noctis from FF XV ❤




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