Hinata and Kageyama nendoroid #528 & #529

Good day everyone!

Today I want to share with you my first experience with GSC shop.
When I saw these Haikyuu nendos with alternative school look I knew I have to order them no matter what. Of course they were GSC exclusives so the only option to place an order was to use the official GSC shop. There are no price reductions and there’s only one shipping option: EMS, which costs 2000 yen. But knowing the usual after market price of exclusive items I didn’t hesitate much and pre-ordered them. The total price with shipping was 8000 yen, fortunately no custom fees. Still a lot for 2 nendos with almost no additional parts. But the price today is even higher so I’m glad I got them ><

I heard a lot bad things about the careless way GSC sends the orders so I was expecting my package to be wrecked. Fortunately it seems they started to care a little more. The order was secured well with paper.

I thought the boxes would be bigger, but they are tiny! In comparision with a standard nendo box:


The way the boxes open is something new too, quite a nice change


As you can see there’re almost no accessories added. Both nendos come with a bag and 2 arm parts and that’s it.

Let’s take a look at Hinata first.


To put on the bag remove the head and one hand


Of course you can change expressions with the nendos released before. There are no flaws as far as I noticed.

Tobio now!


Again no flaws here. The parts are easy to change and the painting is well done too. I really like these nendoroids. It would be nice to get some more parts though. They are a must for Haikyuu!! fangirl like me ;P

A bonus photo!


See you!


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