Monogatari Series: Second Season – Senjougahara Hitagi by Banpresto

Maybe it’s not really the best season for this review, but since it’s pretty hot let’s cool down a little ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ Again a prize figure, but one of the best I bought so far.
Another Hitagi in my collection. I always liked this wintery design and the figure cought my attention long ago. But as always, well made prize figs tend to be expensive (at least in my opinion). This one’s aftermarket price isn’t so crazy, but you know already that I don’t like to pay too much over the original price. It’s usually a matter of time to find a good deal though. And I did eventually!

The box is plain, nothing to say about it.


The base is simple, with pink snowflakes on it, that make it quite cute.


As you can see there are two pegs for Hitagi’s feet and that’s all about the assembly -easy.
The figure is about 21cm tall.


The figure is absolutely gorgeous! Even Hitagi’s tigh highs are nicely shaded, which already shows the high quality. Even more expensive manufacturers don’t always do this, or simply don’t do the shading at all (MegaHouse, Kotobukiya…). I think I like the figure more than the illustration it was based on.

Let’s take a look at more details.

The painting isn’t perfect, but believe me, the small things don’t matter. What I truly love about this figure is the jacket. I doubt I cought it in the photos, but the jacket isn’t purely blue. There’s a golden, pearl shading on it and it looks so good! I wasn’t expecting this figure to turn out this good. I’m really happy that I bought her. I don’t see much difference between “brand” figures and this prize figure by Banpresto. Actually Banpresto has some really good products among the tons of cheap-looking stuff. I wonder why they don’t stick to this quality instead, they would earn much more money with it for sure. Still Banpresto is definitely my favourite prize-figure maker.

Do you still need any convincing now? If yes, some extra shots for you!




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