Ena Hoshijiro by FuRyu

Lately I’ve noticed, there are less and less anime series that I would follow with interest. It’s hard to find an anime I would really like, but there is at least one each season. And so Knights of Sidonia is one of these few series. Unfortunately there aren’t many figures from this series, only some poor Gardes figmas, other Gardes figures and Ena Hoshijiro. From the few Enas on the market I like the FuRyu version most. The figure is really cheap (around 1200 yen) so all the more reason to buy it. FuRyu is one of the cheapest manufacturers, but their quality is usually very good for the price.

The box is quite simple, but so is the anime too.


Good that we get an instruction, even with it it’s hard to attach the placenta…
The base is very simple too, Hoshijiro sits on a plastic platform.



The figure is mostly well made. The red placenta is shaded nicely and I really like the face. There is only one (quite big) red mark on one of her hips, but it’s not visible while displaying.


It needed much effort to put everything together…



For the price – you couldn’t expect better quality. I think it’s a decent figure and I really like it. I’m sure the Max Factory’s Hoshijiro will be stunning (if they didn’t forget about her yet), but definitely pricey too so I guess I’ll pass on that one. If you like Knights of Sidonia don’t hesitate and buy her! She’s worth the price (and time :))




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