Ougon Kishi Garo – Saejima Kouga ver.

Hello again!

Some time ago thanks to great anime Garo – Honoo no Kokuin I got hooked up on Garo series. I started watching one of the tokusatsu series and ended up watching everything under name “Garo”. The truth is, I don’t particularly like japanese movies or dramas. I think the acting is usually quite poor and the whole thing is rather hilarious… It’s quite the same case with Garo. Mostly I was laughingh pretty hard all the time how stupid this series is, but still I couldn’t stop watching it… Just as I finihed watching Makai Kadou, which I truly loved (no idea why), Bandai announced the MK Garo – Saejima Kouga. I don’t like Bandai at all, but unfortunately only Bandai makes Garo figures… I decided to wait for sale and got him on Nippon-Yasan for a rather good price of 5800 yen (excuding shipping). That was my first purchase with NY. They usually have pretty high shipping costs and I’ve read many opinions of them selling bootlegs so I wasn’t sure if I should make an order with them. But their price was the best on the market so in the end I bought from them. The package was quite small, I think I got used to huge AmiAmi boxes. I am content with NY so far, I’m not sure if they really sell bootlegs or not, but if they do I suppose it’s rather older figures.

I like the box very much. The coloring fits the series and the figure and the design is interesting.


There are two blisters inside, one with the figure and spare parts and one with the cape.


The figure is 19cm tall, comes with a sword, scabbard and 5 hand parts. But where the hell is the stand?! I guess Bandai doesn’t see any need in including stands… I wanted to buy one, but I couldn’t find any fitting model :/ Well, the figure stands on it’s own, but it takes time to put it like that. And of course it’s impossible to pose Garo like the box shows…


The painting isn’t very clean, but it kind of gives a better feeling to the armor so I don’t find it a big problem.


This is how you change hand parts. The plastic is really thin and fragile so be careful.


Some poses without cape. Believe me it took me a while to pose him…


Let’s move on to the cape. You have to put the 5 parts together. To do that you need to use some strength and again be careful not to break the joints (which might be hard).




You have to remove the parts on Garo’s back and put the joint on the cape in the free space on the back.



With the cape it’s much easier to pose the figure, because it gets some support this way. Still you can’t use the coolest pose 😦


A failed attempt to do so


And some better attempts


I would rate this figure 7/10. The quality of the plastic is quite poor, the details aren’t great either, there’s no stand and some parts are too loose (like his jaw). It looks good, but it could be much better. I think Bandai asks too much for their figures, that usually aren’t even close to better manufacturers on the market. All in all I wouldn’t recommend getting him no matter what, but I wouldn’t advise against it either. The decision is yours to make.



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