Marida Cruz – Excellent Model RAHDXG.A.NEO

Hello, it’s been a while!

Since my beloved Gundam Unicorn got TV anime this year, I thought of reviewing a figure from this series. And so let’s have look at Marida Cruz by MegaHouse. It took me a while to get her. When she was up in amiami’s pre-owned section for a decent price I had another expenses and I decided to buy her later. Unfortunately her price went up quite a bit and I wasn’t very happy with it so again I decided to wait. After some unsuccessful orders at Mandarake (they got cancelled every time) I found this figure for satisfying price and placed an order with little hope to really get the figure. I was pretty sure I would get a cancellation e-mail, but to my huge surprise I got a payment request! And so Marida was my very first successful Mandarake order. Since then none of my orders was cancelled so I guess my bad luck ended. Before I get to the review I want to share some thoughts about Mandarake services.

As mentioned I wasn’t very lucky with ordering from this shop and so my impression was quite bad. I think it’s really unfair to online customers that the status of the items isn’t up to date. There is very little chance to find an item sold in online store only. Most items are sold in one of Mandarake shops in Japan. I’ve ordered from several shops already and one thing that angers me are the shipping methods. Each shop has it’s own shipping policy. Some offer various shipping methods and even if not all are stated they offer you the cheapest possible shipping and you can chose the one you want or they will accept if you ask for another method. Other ship only with EMS and won’t agree to change to other methods even if you send hundred mails… In terms of shipping I like AmiAmi much more. AmiAmi also has better descriptions.  I remember paying over 3k yen for a tiny and pretty light package, because they didin’t agree to ship with other method than SAL parcel (which AA uses for oversized or heavy pieces) or EMS. Mandarake’s are sometimes difficult to understand and not always accurate. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking up a risk with purchasing product with vague description. Their prices are usually cheaper though. All in all I’m quite satisfied with Mandarake services. I’m not buying from them very often, but I cannot complain about their customer service or packaging.

OK let’s come back to the main topic. After few weeks I got my very first package from Mandarake. The inside was secured with paper and the figure additionaly with bubble wrap.

The box was marked as damaged, but I didn’t notice any damages at all. The box design isn’t very interesting, but it’s not the box that truly matters.


The base is dark-blue and quite simple. There’s only a Gundam UC logo on it.


There are two other parts that you have to attach on your own.


Putting the helmet in her hand was really hard. It’s not stable and falls off easily.



The details aren’t stunning, but I think they are good enough for the price. I like the sculpt and Marida’s face. The paint job is nice, the shading is quite good too. I think it’s a decent figure for the price and a great one for every Gundam UC fan. I’m really happy I finally bought her and I’m sure you will too be happy with this figure!



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