Iona by SEGA

A few months ago I reviewed a Nendoroid of this character. This time it’ll be a prize figure made by SEGA. I just watched the second movie Ars Nova Cadenza and I thought about reviewing her. The movie is great, much better than the TV series. In a few weeks a Kongou figure by FunnyKnights should be released and I can’t wait for mine to arrive. I’m a little nervous though, FK’s quality is not te best, but some of their figures are very well made. The figure is about 18cm tall. I don’t really like SEGA. Their quality is pretty bad, but I took the risk with this figure. It didn’t turn out as bad as I thought.


The base is a very simple black piece of plastic. Sega screwed the figure to it. It’s definitely a safe solution since the figure could fall otherwise.


Of course since it’s a prize figure it’s not of the highest quality. The hair is quite rough and the painting isin’t perfect too. The sculpt is pretty good. She costs around 1,5k yen, so the quality fits the price. I like this figure and Iona looks nice next to other figures. I’m sure getting her for a nice price will make every Arpeggio fan happy.




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