Sayla Mass by Megahouse

Hello again!

We’re going into space today!  I was really happy when MegaHouse announced this figure. Although it took me some time to start watching the Gundam series. I’m glad I finally decided to try, because I must admit most seasons are a masterpiece. Although the oldest series was broadcasted in the late 80s the animation and art are stunning. Sayla shows up in few Gundam seasons and movies and is one of the most interesting and most important characters throughout the series. I won’t spoil you her past, you should find out by yourselves. I’m happy MH started to make Gundam characters and especially from older series.

Anyway, since I’m not 100% sure of MegaHouse quality I waited for the release and user’s pictures. Then I ordered her immidiately. I recieved the package a few weeks later.


MegaHouse usually makes figures with some spare parts so there are various ways to display your scales. Sayla comes with two guns, an arm to hold them and an additional head. The expressions are so similar, that it’s hard to tell if they really differ at all…
The figure is 21cm tall.


The default pose:



Both expressions:


All parts fit so there’s no problem with changing them



You can also put the guns in the other hand.


And some close up on the details:



What I really like about this figure is the shading. MH did a great job here, what I didn’t expect. I can recommend getting this figure to any Gudam fan. I’m sure everyone will be happy with it.

Happy Easter!




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