Yoko Littner – PM figure – by SEGA

Hello again!

Some time ago I reviewed Revoltech of this character. I really love Yoko and there are lots of figures I’d love to see in my collection. Surprisingly the one I wanted the most is the figure I want to review today. I owned some SEGA figures already, but they were mostly of poor quality. This Yoko is definitely an exception and I waited for a chance to buy her.

The figure is quite big, about 27cm tall.


I wasn’t sure if the base would be stable enough to hold the figure. Fortunately I was wrong and despite of the figure weight there’re no problems with it standing.


You attach the boot to the robot hand on the base.


Yoko comes with two guns, one small one big. Attaching them is very easy.



The sculpt is beautiful. SEGA’s sculptor did a good job here. The paint job isn’t so perfect, but it’s not bad either. I think it’s on a high level. The colors are also very accurate. There’s no shading though, but it’s a prize figure so don’t expect as much as from more expensive figures.


It seems every manufacturer has some figures that are unique and well made. There’s always some risk with prize figures so it’s good to be careful and to see some user’s pictures beforehand. I think this Yoko is definitely worth buying, she isn’t so expensive either. The concept and design are great, the base is very interesting too. Getting her won’t be a mistake for sure so go ahead and buy her.



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