Takamura Yui 1/7 scale by Kotobukiya

After a little break time for a new post.

Today I want to show you the second girl from Muv-Luv that I own. It’s Takamura Yui and this time I can say I at least watched the anime. More like the reason to get this and other figures from this series, but whatever ;P The first and last few episodes were really cool so I put the girls on my wishlist without remorse.
Since Yui’s price is usually over 5k yen I always said myself to wait. Eventually she popped up on AmiAmi for a decent price of 6k including shipping. She was marked as C condition though, but the description said there were some paint issues on the back of her hair so decided to take a risk. Ami’s descriptions are usually very accurate, but I was a little nervous of what I’ll get. Finally I got the (huge) package.


The box design is quite nice, the colours are warm and the writing on the box looks nice too. I spotted nothing disturbing in the front of the figure so I was already more at ease. Yui’s about 26cm so quite big.

Before we get to the figure itself let’s see the base and other parts.
The painting on her katana is very well done


Then some stones to put on the base. It’s nice you can arrange them however you like but while moving the figure I always worry about them fall off the base.


And the base. I simply love it. It really looks like a ruined wall, all these cracks and everything else… simply awesome! I think this is what makes this figure unusual and interesting.



Ok. Now to the bad part. What made Yui being marked as C?


Well this definitely doesn’t look too good, but it’s not visible at all while displaying the figure and I saved about 2k thanks to this so nothing’s left but to accept this little damage. I’m just wondering how the paint was damaged like this. I didn’t see any sign of paint on the blister so it probably wasn’t because of long storage.
Everything else was in perfect condition.The paint job is not perfectly clean, but I don’t think it looks bad. Again I like the shiny paint used to imitate the pilot suit.


OMG dat ass, what a great sculpt!


You know what, despite all the paint issues I simply love this figure. She looks awesome on my shelf and encouraged me even more to look for other three girls (Sumika, Inia and Cryska). She’s totally worth the money so don’t you dare to hesitate and just buy her!


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