Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade 1/8 scaly by Good Smile Company

The time came for the long awaited figure of Kiss-shot! The so terrifying 500 year old vampire. The legend of Monogatari Series. We had to wait long, it took many donut-Shinobu figures but finally GSC  decided to release a scale figure of full power Kiss-shot based on a garage kit. After 2 month delay, with ridiculously high shipping cost and beloved custom fees she finally reached my door. Although I had to pay almost 4k yen for SAL parcel I’m glad I bought her on AmiAmi. They use lots of paper and bubble wrap for protection and thanks to it my Kiss-shot arrived in perfect condition. This is what the outer box looked like, so I’m sure you understand why I’m so thankful to amiami…

Who cares about the FRAGILE thing… Fortunately the box and the figure weren’t damaged at all.
Since I really love the box design I’ll post some more pictures of it.

GSC is helping us learn kanji 😛


I was so excited to open the box! It’s been quite a long time since I last felt so happy about spending so much money 😉
We get an instruction sheet in japanese and in english. It’s not so helpful, but good that manufacturers start to consider us – foreign customers.

The base consists of 3 parts
And Kiss-shot!
Ok, let’s get ready for the assembly!
First you have to remove the torso.
It’s better if you remove the skirt too. You have to put her legs in the openings.IMG_3501

Than you attach the last base part IMG_3502

The last part left – Kokorowatari. I’ve read so many comments  about breaking the ribbon or the sword that I was really afraid of attaching it.
First you remove the hilt

It was a hard fight. I didn’t want to brak anything and it took me a while to get the hilt through Kiss-shot’s hands. At one moment it just went throught smoothly and the figure is ready to display. No damages!


This is the space for the sword

I really like the transparent black plastic used here

Ah, Kiss-shot looks awesome!

She is really lovely, totally worth the price. I’m sure everyone will be very satisfied with her. She looks great with other monogatari figures. The design is great, paint job is perfect. Sculpt is so nice too. I’d give this figure 9 points out of 10 only because of a little complicated assembly. Otherwise I’m perfectly happy with her!



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