Iona – Nendoroid #419 by Good Smile Company

Hello everyone! Today I want to post a short review of another nendoroid. Again a character from Blue Steel – Iona. She’s the mental model of I-401 – the so-awesome submarine, which sets the whole Fleet of Fog in fear and consternation. Well, it seems the Japanese tend to give their ships the form of cute and lovely girls. Well who cares…
And so I got another mental model to add to my Arpeggio collection.


I’m quite surprised with the current price of this nendo. It’s about 5000 yen for a used piece. Anime wasn’t so popular so it’s a little strange. I’m glad I didn’t hesitate too much and got her on amiami sale for about 3k yen.


Iona comes with 2 expressions, sitting part, only 2 extra hand parts, a starfish, seat, standard base, extra tie, 3 data tamaki (I guess this is the right name) and a base part to pose them.


Assembling of DT-strips is quite easy. There’s a plastic film on them, which you’ll can but don’t have to remove. I did, because it looks better this way.




The paint job isn’t perfect. Well the figure is very small so tiny details, are definitely difficult to paint.


I like the shading on her hair and I just love her eyes!


Due to the lack of extra parts posing Iona is quite limited. Still it’s not a boring nendoroid and you’ll definitely find a pose you like.


She’s really cute. I love this tiny Iona, but I wouldn’t pay more than 4000 yen for her. I wonder if Takao’s price will rise too. Hopefully not since I want to get her too 😉 I’m sure you’ll like this mental model, so go and get her!




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