Beach Queens – Haruna by Wave

Hi everyone!

Some time ago I started to read a manga called Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio and I got wrapped up in it. And about a year later an anime was announced. I was really excited and happy for two reasons: a great manga is getting an anime and there’s hope for figures from this series! In the end I didn’t like the anime so much. Why I didn’t like it? The plot was so much different from the manga. I don’t like how the temper of many characters got changed either.  But thanks to it new figures get announced quite often and so the only thing I can be unhappy about is the lack of money (and unfortunately space).

The character I like the most is Haruna. That’s why I wanted to get a figure of her first. And I did. I bought Wave’s version from their Beach Queens line. The truth is I don’t like the idea and I think these figures are mostly overpriced for their size and quality. Lately Wave likes to use polystone, which is very expensive, fragile and awfully looking. I wonder why it’s been so popular lately…

Anyways, I looked through Wave’s figures on myfigurecollection and I wasn’t very convinced of the manufacturer’s quality. That’s why when I saw Haruna and Takao going for pre-orders I decided to wait until they’re released. Users pictures got my hopes up and I bought Haru-Haru at amiami’s pre-owned section for less than 3k yen.


Some time later I could see Haruna for myself.
The figure is quite small – 16cm. Beach Queens series’ scale is 1/10 so it’s understandable.
The box isn’t very big either. I take it as an advantage actually. A bigger box would increase the shipping cost and we all hate to pay too much for it 😉

The packaging is very simple


A standard BQ’s sandy base

Haruna comes with an additional faceplate. It doesn’t suit the BQ design at all.



You can move the head and ponytails




The figure is really well made. Maybe there’s not much shadowing, but there are no visible painting problems. The sculpt is quite nice too. Now I regret not getting Takao, but maybe I’ll buy her one day. I think Haruna is definitely one of nicer positions in the Beach Queens line.

Thanks for reading!


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