Racing Miku 2010 1/8 scale

Hello again in the new year!

Today I want to review a part of my last loot. It’ll be one of many Racing Mikus – the 2010 very first version by Good Smile Company.


She was on my wishlist for quite a long time. I think the design is still pretty  fresh. First of all the colour palette is different than usual. Most Mikus are so…blue. I like blue, but too much is too much 😛 Than my figure taste changed and I didn’t like this Miku so much anymore.  But  I saw her at a nice price a few months ago and I decided to give it a try and see what the real thing looks like.

And so a few weeks later  Miku arrived.
I really like the box. The paper has nice feeling to it.


The base is quite simple. I think GSC wanted to make it look like asphalt. We also get some other parts like cable, cable ending, spanner and an impact wrench.


Putting the impact wrench in Miku’s hand was quite hard. I was afraid it would break, but I somehow did it. The real mistery was the place for the spanner. I couldn’t find any so I checked the box and the photos on myfigurecollection and finally noticed it. Unfortunately the spanner doesn’t fit well and that’s the best I could do with it:


My Miku came with a little paint chip on her thumb, but it’s hardly noticable.



She looks really nice from all sides. The sculpt is great, I love all the details. The paint job and the shading are almost perfect. That’s GSC for you. The hair colour changes a little on the ponytails.



Walking in such boots would hurt so much…




This Miku looks really nice and is a nice variation of all Mikus. The price is tempting too so it’s also a good choice when it comes to your savings 🙂 I like her the most from all Racing versions. I think everyone will be pleased with her.

Happy New Year!





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