Sheryl Nome Orleans Ver. by Banpresto


This will be the last post in year 2015. New Year is coming!

This past year my figure collection grew enormously. I got rid of some figures (mostly prize figures) and bought other ones. I think my collection got more serious and I rather invested my money in good quality figures that I really want and not only because I “kind of” like them. I pre-ordered lots of great figures and in these terms I have no regrets or feeling of guilt. Well…maybe a little after I sum up all the money I already spent and will spend in the upcoming months. But whatever!

Macross Frontier is not my top 10 anime. Despite that I’ve seen all seasons and movies. In the end there’s one character that I truly like and it’s Sheryl Nome. There are loads of Sheryl figures, but as much as I like the character, I hate her style. There are maybe 3 designs that I would consider getting. And so there’s one I really love! It’s the Orleans version from Banpresto. And so one of Sheryl figures became my holy grail.


I don’t like overpaying for prize figures, though. That’s why I got her only recently. But some time before that I got a much cheaper version which was the Deka Kyun Chara. Sometimes you pay more for the shipping as for the figure itself. It’s one of such figures (500yen + 1500 yen shipping). When I got the invoice I was surprised that the shipping costs that much, but I was even more surprised after getting the parcel. The box was huge and I wasn’t sure what to expect inside. The thing is, this Sheryl was much bigger than I thought her to be. Ok, I knew she was bigger than other kyun-charas (usually 10cm), but I was still surprised.


This figure measures 23cm and the size really stands out. I can’t believe I paid so little for her!



The parts we get are: base, flag, hat and a pole to support the figure, which is completely unnecessary. Sheryl stands on her own without any problems.




The painting is clean. This is a deformed version so don’t pay too much attention to the sculpt. That’s really more than enough for such price.
But I was still thinking of getting the other version sometime. Someone on rakuten was selling her for less that 2000 yen so I took the chance and ordered her. I knew from the beginning, that she wasn’t in perfect condition. But the flaws were so little that I dodn’t care much about them, I still don’t.

I got an even bigger box this time. The figure is about 24cm tall and more than 30cm with flag and base.




Assembling is a real pain in the ass… When you get it done, you definitely wouldn’t like to go through it again…

First you have to tie two strings on the flag (you get one string and have to cut it accordingly).


Than I suggest you slip the silver pole through the first loop, than into Sheryl’s hand and in the end through the second loop. It might be difficult to put the pole in the hand otherwise. The second loop should be in the position as shown below.


Than attach the remaining parts.


After you’re done attach the metal poles to the base, longer on the left, shorter on the right side. Than attach Sheryl to the base and slip the flag in the blue parts of the poles. If you do that right there won’t be any more problems, but you have to adjust the angles of the poles. Otherwise the figure might lean to the back.


Now just slip the microphone in the other hand and put on her hat.IMG_2687


She’s ready!


About the flaws. The red cordings are detached from the uniform and are a little bent.


There’re paint transfers on the hand holding the flag pole and on the flag.


That’s it. I think these aren’t so bad not to get the figure, especially this cheap.

Other details:



She’s sculpted perfectly. Her legs are so damn beautiful! If only the hair was as well done as the rest she would deserve 10/10. The painting isn’t perfect, but mostly on the backside that is covered by the flag. This is the best Sheryl figure ever! If you like the character, get it no matter what!


Happy New Year!


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