Ryougi Shiki 1/8 scale by Kotobukiya

Hello again!

Today’s review: Ryougu Shiki from Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin

I love all Kara no Kyoukai movies and getting any figure of Shiki was my goal from the very start of my collection. There’s a similar figure made by GSC, in addition the aftermarket price is lower than of Koto’s version (~4000 yen GSC, 7000-10000 yen Koto). I’m sure it’s also of higher quality, but again, I love the beautiful pose Kotobukiya chose. The base is so much better too. I tend to get Koto’s figures because of their original designs. GSC often takes up a very simple pose and makes a very simple base. The final product is usually close to a masterpiece, but there’s something lacking for me. I like more dynamic poses and I guess that’s the main reason I choose Kotobukiya over better manufacturers.

Anyways, let’s see what’s our target today 🙂


Ah, I love kimonos so much… No matter what character, if it has a kimono on I want to get the figure right away…
But never mind that!

The box is nothing special


Shiki’s about 21cm tall. The only piece you have to attach by yourself is the sword. Like usual the figure is screwed to the base. You just slip the handgrip of the sword in Shiki’s hand and it’s as simple as that.


Unfortunately after pulling it out there’re brown marks left on the hand.



The’re are cherry petals on the base, which is black and a little transparent. It looks georgeous!



I wish you could put her in such a way, which would allow you to see all beautiful details about this figure. The pose is dynamic yet so delicate. The colours are very soft. Shiki looks like she was dancing in the wind, really beautiful.

The kimono is the best part of this figure. It’s painted and sculpted perfectly, again there’s no other word to describe it except of beautiful.

Other details

Unfortunately the hair is the only bad thing about the figure. Kotobukiya often screws up this part. Especially on the side that isn’t visible while the figure is on display. That’s exactly the case here.


And now Shiki from different angles


Although the hair is messed up this Shiki is a gorgeous figure. Getting her won’t be a bad choice. I’m sure you’ll love her despite some flaws. The details will make up for them! Having such a beautiful figure in your collection will make you happy for sure 😉

Merry Christmas! I hope the Santa will bring you the most wanted figures on your wishlist :*


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