Hinata Shouyou and Kageyama Tobio nendoroids #461 and #489

Hello everyone, time for a new post!

Whose turn it is today?


Two lovely guys in their nendo form. The little giant Hinata Shouyou and the king of the court Kageyama Tobio!

How could I review them separately? 🙂

Both characters are from an amazing anime Haikyuu!!
Hinata and Kageyama are young volleyball players in a high school volleyball club Karasuno. Before entering the club they were enemies, after their match against each other. But as they are in the same team now, they have to put up with each other and overcome many obstacles, which are not necessarily their physical abilities. Ok no more spoilers!

As for the anime I would recommend it to everyone. I don’t particularly like sports series, but after seeing the first two episodes I simply fell in love with this one! There’s no single character I would dislike, the story is absorbing and is really fun to watch. Of course I couldn’t refrain from buying these nendos and pre-ordering the upcoming ones, to be honest I didn’t even try… And tomorrow another Haikyuu!! nendo is coming up for pre-order: Nishinoya Yuu!!!!!!

I can’t wait to get them all!

But let’s come back to our main point.
Let’s start with Hinata.


There’s a convex volleyball pattern on the box.


What we get inside:


3 faceplates, hand- and leg-parts, a ball, and the net parts. Of course there is a base too and it looks like a velleyball court. There’s also a stand for the ball.


Putting everything together is very simple


Come here Hinata, show yourself!



There are no loose joints, which makes me really happy. I think GSC doesn’t make such mistakes anymore, since all their recent nendos that I own have no loose parts at all. The paint job is detailed and clean.
Hinata’s happy too!


Of course there’s one more face to show you.


I think I like his focused face the most, there are lot’s of ways to pose him with it.


The ball stand isn’t as stable as other parts. It takes some time to pose it the way you want, but nothing can be perfect.

Next it’s Kageyama’s turn.



He too comes with 3 faces, ball, net and optional hands and legs. In addition there’s a crown (has anyone ever seen a king without one?!) and an “air” part to add more dynamics. I’m kind of dissapointed that there’s no face like this:


It would suit him much better than the happy face we get.
Tobio isn’t as nicely done like Hinata, but there’s nothing totally off about him.

A king’s cape would be a nice addition too.



Again the ball stand is hard to pose because of the weight of the parts it has to hold.


But the best about this nendo is of course Kageyama’s killer face!


Unfortunately his hand isn’t touching the head. The pegs Tobio’s shoulders are a little too big I suppose, there’s a little gap between them and the body.



Hmmmm. I must admit that I like Hinata more. He’s easier to pose and somehow more fun. Tobio is quite static so to say and I’d rather get other faces too. Of course it doesn’t mean I don’t like him at all, it’s Tobio after all! Both nendos get a re-release soon so don’t miss them out!

And as for my current orders and pre-orders…

Bez tytułu

I’m pretty much getting scared of myself (or of the prices).

More reviews soon!

See you!


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