Shinobu Oshino 1/8 scale by Kotobukiya

While checking up this blog I’m sure you’ve noticed what a big fan of Monogatari Series I am. As far as I love all characters there’s one I simply adore. It’s the lovely vampire Shinobu Oshino. There’re plenty of figures of her, especially in the most frequent design which is a white-pink dress, a straw hat and of course…DONUTS!

One of Shinobu figures in my possession is Kotobukiya’s standard version. Although Kotobukiya is not the top manufacturer, I like their version very much. The pose is very cute and there is an additional expression added. Recently  Alter’s version was released, but somehow I don’t like it. Her face is just…too childish I suppose.

But let’s get to the point. This is the figure in question:


I must say the prototype doesn’t look as good as the final product. The figure is about 19cm tall.



There’s Araragi’s shadow on the base, which I think to be a nice idea. Shinobu is known to be living in Araragi’s shadow so it’s a good implication.


One of her legs is screwed to the base, but the other one isn’t. You can see a clear part supporting the other leg, but it’s not attached to the base. You have to slip it under the foot, but be careful, you can easily lose it (I almost did and I didn’t even notice it was missing). It would be better if it wasn’t a separate part. You can display Shinobu without it, but with time the figure could lean back.


The hat, the donut and the donut box are also removable. I like the solution used to keep the hat on. There’s a small magnet on the back of Shinobu’s head and of the hat.


Yay! This is our Shinobu with her smiling face.IMG_0795

And the devilish face (so Shinobu-like <3)


Let’s take a closer look at the details.







Pantyshot (⌒ڡ❛)



There were some black marks on her devilish face (near her mouth), but I was able to easily remove it with a soft eraser.
The dress isn’t perfect, but the mistakes aren’t very visible.


I just love those legs! The sculpt is so good! No complaints about the painting and the shadowing too. Swapping her faces is very easy too.
I think Koto did a great job with this figure and getting her won’t be a waste of money at all.

Now I have to be patient and wait for her Kiss-Shot form release (obviously delayed~~~). I’m sure both will look good together 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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