Gilgamesh nendoroid #410

Hello everyone!

Today a short review of another male nendoroid.
It’s Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night.



This is what we get

So, 2 faceplates, a few hands, the gate of babylon,  some weapons including Ea and a golden jar. There are no additional legs. Unfortunately this nendo is not very posable and in there could be one more faceplate.
Right out of box:


That face suits him so well~~
With his noble phantasms:

IMG_0726 IMG_0732

Putting the gate behind Gilgamesh’ back is not an easy task. It takes a while, but after you’ve got it right it won’t fall off for sure. Unfortunately the weapons will so be careful and find the right place for sticking each in.IMG_0727 IMG_0729 IMG_0730

The price of this nendo is quite high now, but he was worth pre-ordering. It’s Gilgamesh after all! You can’t do much with him, but as usual the quality is good and he is still much fun. I wish there were more figures of this character. MegaHouse announced their version a long long time ago, but there isn’t any progress since then so it’s probably a lost hope for Gilgamesh fans.

Until next time!


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