Space Battleship Yamato 2199 – 5 reviews!

Welcome again!

Another review today and it’s gonna be picture heavy!
First of all sorry for low quality pictures, but because of the bad weather outside I somehow couldn’t get it better 😦

I’m going to review my latest loot. 5 figures from a great anime Space Battleship Yamato 2199 by MegaHouse.
MegaHouse released a whole bunch of Yamato figures. Excluding the captain all of them are woman characters so the series was named “Yamato Girls Collection”. As said there is one exeption and a promising name “Yamato Guys Collection”, which unfortunately consists of one guy only. I wonder if there’s a point in hoping for more, but it’s good they at least decided to make captain Okita. It’s such an important and amazing character, that not making him would be a great mistake. Still let’s not lose hope for more guys!
So the figures I bought are:

~Okita Juuzo

~Harada Makoto

~Misaki Yuria

~Niimi Kaoru

~Melda Dietz



So here we go! I ordered all figures from a private seller on


Boxes arrived in good condition, there are some minor damages due to shipping.

Let’s start with the captain – Okita Juuzo.
First thing I thought- he’s heavy! Definitely the heaviest in the loot. But he’s a man so no wonder ;P
This is what we get:


Adittional right arm, left hand to hold a book and a photograph that captain used to look at ( so sad ;( ).
Regarding the book…you have to cut it out of the box :/ I won’t do it, since the box is also important to some collectors (me for example) and that could decrease the value of the figure. Dear Megahouse, it wouldn’t hurt your expenses if you gave us a separate piece of paper…


The figure is 22cm high (1/8 scale). I think it’s great. I really respect this character and getting him was a must.

IMG_2807 IMG_2814


If you already own some MegaHouse figures you know they’re not masters of shading :p But I thing they did a good paint job here. It’s not the highest level, but the figure looks great in my opinion.
Some details:

IMG_2808 IMG_2809 IMG_2810 IMG_2811 IMG_2812 IMG_2813

And trying out different parts. As you can see the posing isn’t that much different, but still you have some other options of displaying the figure.

IMG_2816 IMG_2817

9/10 for me 🙂

Next figure is Harada Makoto. The most positive character in the series! The truth is at first I only wanted to buy Harada only, but the more I searched for her in different shops, the more tempted I was to buy the set from this one seller. After giving some thought into it I decided for this option and I absolutely don’t regret this choice! But let’s move on to the figure.


I was kinda hoping for removable head parts, but unfortunately it’s not possible. That would give us even more posing options. And so we get two body parts, sake bottle and the bottle stand. She’s 22cm high and floating in the air~~~.

IMG_2789 IMG_2798


Changing the upper body is very easy. You just have to put on the one you like better.


Unfortunately there are some visible gaps between the bottom and the upper part.

IMG_2797 IMG_2800 IMG_2876

More details:

IMG_2791 IMG_2793 IMG_2794 IMG_2799


Gosh! Bothe her expressions are so cute! I really love both posing options. It’s the first figure I’d love to get a spare of, just to display both next to each other.

IMG_2795 IMG_2873

And this is the second posing option

IMG_2872 IMG_2875

I still can’t decide which I like more, but for now I chose the first one. I think the shading here is also nice, especially the hair. And this sculpt! All Yamato girls are so lovely sculpted (especially their butts ;P).

The next lady is Misaki Yuria. This figure is 18cm high.


There are quite many parts to choose from. This figure costs around 1500 yen for an used one. For that price, so many parts. Love it. So we get right arm holding papers, left hand holding a bottle and left hand holding a teddy bear. The only thing I don’t like so much is the base colour, but it’s not that bad either.


IMG_2767 IMG_2773

Unfortunatley I couldn’t get the right arm off even using some more strenght. Not that I wanted to pose her that way, but it’s still frustrating when you can’t even try it out. So the details:

IMG_2768 IMG_2770 IMG_2771 IMG_2772IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2776 IMG_2777IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2785 IMG_2786 IMG_2783 IMG_2805 IMG_2806

Not much shading here, but the sculpt is again lovely.
I think all Misaki’s poses are cute. She’s another charming character in the series. I’ll have to try again to remove her right arm, I just can’t get it out of my head 😀

IMG_2782 IMG_2784

I think noone should have any doubts about buying her. She costs as much as the prize figures and her quality is not even comparable to these. She’s gorgeous, has lots of parts and is cute. That should be more than enough reason to buy her even if you don’t know the anime.

Next in the line up is Niimi Kaoru.


I don’t particularly like this character, but who cares. I must catch them all! :p

Niimi measures 20cm. Her base is a bit more complicated than of other figures in this series. It’s a metal railing, here made of plastic of course. She comes with some nice accessories like: tablet, stylus pen, arm holding the railing and another arm holding the glasses.

IMG_2860 IMG_2854 IMG_2853

IMG_2857 IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2861 IMG_2862 IMG_2863

Changing parts is very simple and everything fits. But Niimi doesn’t even touch her glasses what she’s supposed to do. But still looks good.



The last lady is not directly from the Yamato crew. It’s Melda Dietz.


I really got attracted to that figure. Her pose is quite unique and there are so many display options!
Melda is 20cm high.

IMG_2819 IMG_2822 IMG_2825

The paint job is really nice and used paint is a little glossy.
I was worried that the helmet would fall off easily, but there’s a special part holding it to the railing.

IMG_2820 IMG_2821

IMG_2823 IMG_2824 IMG_2828 IMG_2830

IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2848 IMG_2849

Changing her face is a bit similar to the way you do it with nendoroids.



The cup with ice cream doesn’t fall off thanks to that:



Be careful with the spoon. It’s not attached to the hand in any way so it might fall and get lost since it’s very small.
Now I think I like Melda the most from all five. She’s very detailed, neatly done and her pose is great too.

All figure have something that catches your attention. They’re beautifully sculpted and rich in accessories. Most of them don’t cost so much anymore. Except for limited editions you can get most of them for 4-6k yen so not that bad.
I hope to get more Yamato girls in the future to complete this collection. I’m sure the rest is also worth buying.

Good night!


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