Son Goku SSJ – Super Figure Art Collection clear hair version

Another review today!

This is my latest purchase. A re-release version of Son Goku by Medicos Entertainment. This is the clear hair version.
I have mixed feelings regarding this figure, so I want to put a little more thought into it. But first things first.

This is the stock photojintoo1323112001

Looks awesome, doesn’t he? And his average rating is around 9,5/10 so it has to be a great figure.
The reality isn’t that nice unfortunately.

The first thing that made me regret this purchase was the shipping cost. Usually amiami informs you about possible expensive shipping in the comment section, but there was none by this one so many buyers ordered him, since the re-release price on amiami was 8000 JPY, so not bad (still more than the first release though) regarding that the after-market price is quite high. When I got the payment request I was really surprised. More than 5000 for EMS shipping and only a little less for SAL parcel, no other option… This is the first time I had to pay so much for one figure due to the shipping. I chose SAL parcel hoping that I wouldn’t have to pay custom fees and that Goku will arrive in one piece.

3 weeks later my parcel arrived. No custom fees! No outer box damages. Lucky! Now I finally know, why that shipping cost that much. He is big, still not huge, but he is very heavy. 2,3kg with packaging, around 2kg without it. So yes, there was no other option since Air Mail is limited to 2kg. So my parcel and the box, which is really ugly I think ūüėõ

IMG_2580 IMG_2584

Medicos marked him as 1/8 scale, but he is definitely much bigger. 1/7 or even  close to1/6 scale I think. Goku is ~23cm and with the base ~26cm. The next thing that upsets me is the fact that my figure was all covered in dust, both outside and inside the box. It is a brand new and unopened figure since it was a pre-order, so he must have been stored for a very long time. So, finally here he is!

IMG_2585 IMG_2586

IMG_2594 IMG_2605

You can’t remove the base, but that is not very important to me.

Ok. So he looks gorgeous at first sight, but the more you look, the more problems and mistakes you notice.
What is great about him is the shading. Some people say that it’s bad, but it’s a matter of taste I suppose. I love it, the colours are a bit dark, but looks great, like he was really changing into SSJ! I also love his face.


And the best thing is, that there are ABSOLUTELY NO PAINT TRANSFERS. You can tell at first that this is a high quality paint work. The only little black dot I found is on the top of his hair.


So about the clear hair. It looks good, it’s well done, but I think I like the standard hair more. No complaints here though, I chose this version by myself and it looks great too. The hair matches with the flames under his feet.


Some painting details



IMG_2588 IMG_2589


And the base (you can see the dust on it, it’s how I got him). It’s simple, but good enough. Some cracking rocks would make a stunning impression though!


So now onto the bad things about him. This figure wasn’t sculpted from one piece of material. Places where parts were joined are clearly visible, especially¬†cuts on his clothes. It makes the figure look pretty bad in my eyes, maybe that’s because of the shipping thing that I look at it too critically. But evaluate it by yourselves.


IMG_2587 IMG_2592 IMG_2593

IMG_2595 IMG_2596

IMG_2599 IMG_2604 IMG_2611 IMG_2612

Doesn’t look good, does it? And so, all these thinks make me hesitate if I made a good choice or not. On one hand, Goku looks awesome, it’s definitely one of the the best figures of him. His pose is amazing, so dynamic, he’s definitely ready to attack! On the other hand the small faults and the ovepriced shipping make you wonder, if he’s really worth the price. When you compare him with GSC or Max Factory scales for similar price (figure+shipping around 13k yen) than he’s not. But you can’t expect these manufacturers to make the figure in question for less than 12k excluding the shipping (if they would even release any DB figure) and comparing¬†products like Natsu Dragneel¬†or¬†Gray Fullbuster¬†I think GSC wouldn’t do any better or even worse here.

So after these thoughts, I would still buy Goku by Medicos. If you choose the same thing, than prepare yourself for shipping cost and get him!

Have a nice week!


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