Mayoi Hachikuji nendoroid #368

Hello everyone!

Today another review. This time my most favourite nendoroid Mayoi Hachikuji by Good Smile Company.


Mayoi is one of my favourite characters from Monogatari Series. She’s so sweet! And so is the nendoroid, the cutest thing ever 🙂

The box and the contents:


IMG_0138 IMG_0139

IMG_0140 IMG_0142  IMG_0146

She comes with lots of accessories and spare parts. 3 face parts, her rucksack, sitting bottom half and a lot of hand parts.
There are also some additional base parts to support the rucksack in the sitting and standing pose.IMG_0143

And now some painting details. The rucksack is neatly done, no painting problems here. There are some small details, that could be a little problematic, but they’re all nicely painted.


IMG_0147 IMG_0148

Unfortunately the hairband isn’t so well done. There are some paint transfers around it.

IMG_0149 IMG_0150IMG_0152

Other parts are quite well painted.



Some cute poses now!


You can move Mayoi’s ponytails and add some dynamics to her poses. There are many options to pose her and every time she’s cute. All parts fit perfectly, nothing is loose or falls off. She’s almost perfect and what’s more, looking at most nendoroids nowadays it’s pretty rare for one to have so many parts and cost under 4000 JPY (the current after market price is much higher though). Definitely the best nendo out there! 🙂



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