Hitei Hime prize figure

Hello again!

Today I’ll review a prize figure by Banpresto for you. It’s Hitei Hime from anime Katanagatari.

Hitei Hime is 23cm tall. It’s not the best prize figure I own, but for this price it’s quite well done (I got it for about 23$).

There are some pant transfers and scuffs on her hair and on the pink part of her dress.
As you can see there’s apart attached to the base that helps to hold Hitei’s hair stll and so that she doesn’t fall.
It’s ugly, but it does it’s job and it’s not so visible.
I don’ know why, but her face skin has a brighter colour than the rest of her body. The details are nicely done and painted and her face is just lovely. I like the sculpt too.
IMG_0218 IMG_0226 IMG_0233

And now some strange part 😀

Her torso and the bottom part of the dress are removable, so it gives you an additional way to display Hitei.
And a picture of that lovely face ❤

If you want to buy Hitei and find her for a good price don’t hesitate. She’s big and cute!

Thanks for reading!


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