Black ★ Rock Shooter – 1/8 – Original Ver.

Today a review of an amazing figure from Good Smile Company – Black ★ Rock Shooter – 1/8 – Original Ver.


I was eager to buy this figure for a long long time, but, as usual, it wasn’t that easy. Finally I found it for a nice price from a private seller and bought it immediately!
When I eventually got it I was terrified. Some parts of her hair were broken off… I’m just not lucky with my most wanted fifures I guess.


I glued them together, but some parts just couldn’t be saved 😦 And this is the outcome:



Fortunately it’s not that visible from a small distance, but still…



But all in all I shouldn’t be prejudiced by that since it’s not the companys fault. It’s always a risk by the shipping.
So now onto the main part so the assessment of the GSC’s doing.

The sculpt is really impressive, but because of it some parts are fragile and…well you know the rest 🙂 BRS’ posing is so dynamic! The windblown hair, fluttering coat, the blue fame on her eye, the fissured base. Everything makes this figure stunning! The details are incredible. There is nothing more than that to say about the painting. It’s just perfect.
But, before you can sit and admire the figure, you’ll have to somehow put the chain in the right place. Believe me it’s the most horrible thing to do! I used this tutorial to find out how to do it:
Now I do everything so that it doesn’t come off, but when it does…:)

Now have a look at some details:


IMG_0481 IMG_0171

IMG_0482 IMG_0483

IMG_0485 IMG_0487

I think there’s nothing more to add. The figure would get 10/10 if the chain was easier to put on. Because of that I give BRS 9/10 and strongly recommend it to everyone!

Happy Easter!


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