Revoltech Yoko Littner Movie Version

Hello again.

Today one of figures that I don’t own anymore, but still feel like reviewing it 🙂 It’s Yoko Littner, my favourite character from anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (must see!). It’s a revoltech (something like figma) manufactured by Kaiyodo.

So at first the box and the contents:

DSC00107 DSC00108



This is what you get:

Two changable faces, two different hair types, a bunch of hands, three gun types, a gun stand and two hair pins. So quite a lot of accessories for the price (retail 2500 yen).

The base:

DSC00111 DSC00110

Definetely the worst base-idea ever 😀 It was really hard to pose Yoko in any way with the base attached, because it really limits any movements. It’s much easier without it, but than it’s hard to get her standing on her own (possible though). You have to attach it to her head or her belly.


And now some closer pictures:



I got her with a stain on her leg, but I bought her used so…



Sculpt is quite OK, painting too although there are some clearly visible flaws, but it’s Kaiyodo and the price speaks for itself.


She has lots of accessories so it’s fun to pose her in different ways even if it’s difficult sometimes. For the price it’s a quite nice figure and I’d recommend her despite some flaws she has. A figma would be much better, but for now we can’t expect that 😦

Thanks for reading!


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