C.C. R2 A ver. and C.C. SQ from Banpresto.

Today I’m going to compare two C.C. versions from the same manufacturer which is Banpresto.

The first one – R2 A ver. – was released in 2008 and the second one in 2011.

First let’s take a look at both figures:


As you probably already noticed the difference in quality is huge!

C.C. R2 A ver.


The material used here is mostly rubber (hair and clothes). It collects lots of dust and is prone to scratches which can be quite visible. The plastic used for the body is very shiny. C.C.’s pose is great, it looks very dynamic because of windblown hair. Sculpting is nice, painting is clean and shading is quite OK too, but the color range isn’t as wide as that of the second version – black is black, yellow is yellow and white is white with some gray shading 😉






And now the worst part: the hair! It looks nice from afar, but when you look closer…





No comment needed I suppose 😉

Now the Special Quality version.

You can display it with or without the fan.DSC00001



It’s the best Banpresto figure that I own – really worth buying. The material is a good quality PVC. Sculpting is almost perfect! Painting could be a bit cleaner, but it’s very nice after all. Shading is well done and gives a very natural look, especially her skin looks lovely. Even her nails are nicely painted!

Some closer photos:


Just look at her cute face *^*




I bet you like this one much more ;P

Banpresto figures are of very different quality. It’s hard to say which figure will be good and which will be crap. Even the SQ sign doesn’t mean it’ll be a good one. It’s best to look up the user’s photos at http://myfigurecollection.net or other sources.

Have a nice day!


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