Kanbaru Suruga figma #109

As promised! Here comes the review of Kanbaru Suruga by Max Factory.


Kanbaru comes with quite a lot of additional parts. 4 faces in total, a rain coat, a ball, an ape arm and of course with more hands 🙂

I like her scared face the most, but all are really cute 😀




As you can see in the instruction, you have to take off her arm to change it with the ape arm. That’s why the parts here are quite loose. Nothing falls off, but it’s hard to keep the sleeve in one position. And unfortunately I couldn’t put the ape arm on 😦 It doesn’t fit and I’m afraid to use some more force, because ,as you probably know, these figures are rather fragile. It’s really a shame because it’s quite an important part in my opinion. 

The good thing is that there are no painting problems, it’s very clean 🙂

The rain coat needs some time to put on, but it’s not impossible and rather safe ;P There’s an additional base part to hold the figma dressed up in it, but it limits the posing a bit.






I think Max Factory did a good job here. Every face suits the anime Kanbaru and gives off her personality. If not for the ape arm, I’d rate it for 9/10.



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